Victor Font wants Barcelona presidential election delay leaving Barca fans furious

Victor Font wants Barcelona presidential election delay leaving Barca fans furious

Font says that voting per mail should be allowed to make all club members participate in election amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Fans now believe that Font doesn't want to lose to clear favourite Laporta which is why he wants to postpone the election.

"There will be legitimacy problems. The members who want to vote must be able to do so safely. We are in a very critical moment of the pandemic, and if the club does not provide solutions so that in two weeks we can vote in a different way than planned, the elections cannot be held," Barcelona presidential hopeful Victor Font told Diario AS.

"Many members are scared, they have told us so," Font concluded.

To be clear, Font didn't say he wanted Barca to postpone the election supposed to take place on January 24 but to improve the protocol: the club members are not eligible to vote via post or e-mail.

Still, Barca fans on Twitter are unhappy with Font's latest statement, suggesting he simply fears to lose to Joan Laporta appears to be a clear favourite.

BarcaStat: "Wanting the elections to be postponed after yesterday's results, knowing that Laporta is a clear favourite... Is that not suspicious?"

MagicOfBarca: "Yeah FU** this guy and everyone who supports him. He knows he can’t win it so he goes after his own interests and asks to delay the elections when the club is in the worst state it’s been in more than a decade. Go do one you pr1ck."

TotalBarto: "Font is using the exact same excuse that Bartomeu used to delay the motion."

iamAD007: "He's afraid of defeat it seems."

Sheldon10Benson: "Font knows he isn't winning so he wants to postpone it๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฟ"

If the election is postponed, there will be no active president to sanction any January signings. Moreover, there's a risk that Leo Messi decides to leave Barca - as the club's future will remain uncertain.

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