Barcelona All Time Top Scorers – Top 10 Listed

Barcelona All Time Top Scorers

Before I even start writing I’m sure you’ve guessed Lionel Messi is not just one of Barcelona all time top scorers but the top scorer!

No doubt Barcelona has had some wonderful goalscorers over the years, but some are leading others, which is the reason for this article.

Let’s now take a look at the other powerful goal-scorers who join Messi on FC Barcelona all time top scorer list.

List Of Barcelona All Time Top Scorers

Lionel Messi

Barcelona Messi £631m Release Clause

He has the most goals scored for Barcelona in history scoring 635 times and is at the top of the list of all time top scorer for Barcelona.

Nation: Argentine

Date of Birth: 24.06.1987

Years: 2004-till date

Appearances: 734

Total Goals: 635

Cesar Rodriguez

Nation: Spain

Date of Birth: 29.06.1920

Years: 1942-1955

Appearances: 290

Total Goals: 232

Luis Suarez

Suarez Famous Liverpool Goal

Nation: Uruguay

Date of Birth: 24.01.1987

Years: 2014-2020

Appearances: 283

Total Goals: 195

Ladislau Kubala

Nation: Hungary

Date of Birth: 10.06.1927

Years: 1950-1961

Appearances: 119

Total Goals: 194

Josep Samitier

Nation: Spain

Date of Birth: 02.02.1902

Years: 1919-1932

Appearances: 360

Total Goals: 184

Josep Escola

Nation: Spain

Date of Birth: 29.10.1914

Years: 1934-1949

Appearances: 104

Total Goals: 167

Paulino Alcantara

Nation: Philippines/Spain

Date of Birth: 29.10.1914

Years: 1912–1916, 1918–1927

Appearances: 177

Total Goals: 143

Samuel Eto’o

Nation: Cameroon

Date of Birth: 10.03.1981

Years: 2004-2009

Appearances: 199

Total Goals: 130


Nation: Brazil

Date of Birth: 19.04.1972

Years: 1997-2002

Appearances: 235

Total Goals: 129

Mariano Martin

Nation: Spain

Date of Birth: 20.10.1919

Years: 1939-1948

Appearances: 112

Total Goals: 128

Messi has lots of goals difference than the three highest scorers below him: Cesar, Suarez and Kubala combined.

It make one wonder if any player could ever come in the future to match Messi’s Barcelona goal record.

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