Chelsea boss was WRONG to takeoff Callum Hudson-Odoi after half-time introduction: Carragher

Chelsea boss was WRONG to takeoff Callum Hudson-Odoi after half-time introduction: Carragher

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel was wrong to bring Callum Hudson-Odoi off just 30 minutes after subbing him on against Southampton, according to Jamie Carragher.

The 20-year-old was left bemused after he was brought off in the 76th minute of Chelsea's 1-1 draw with the Saints after being introduced at half-time.

Tuchel cited the youngster's 'attitude' was the reason for his early and embarrassing omission, but Carragher challenged the German's decision and proved that the English winger was one of their liveliest attackers.

'A manager is paid to make decisions and get results,' Carragher told Sky Sports.

'If [Tuchel] felt making that change gave them more chance of winning the game and helping Chelsea get in the Champions League then I have absolutely no problem with it.

'[Hudson-Odoi] lost the ball seven times in the game and had it 18, so that may have been a problem for the manager.

'But the two times he lost it poorly, he was sprinting after the ball.

'When the manager says he's wasn't happy with his counter-pressing... I can't really see too much of a problem.'

Hudosn-Odoi made eighth sprints during his half hour cameo against Southampton and only Blues' striker Timo Werner had made more during that time with eleven.

'Timo Werner was the only player who made more sprints than Callum Hudson-Odoi in that period,' he continued.

'My problem with the manager is not bringing him off and not what he said after the game.

'I think it was not right to bring him off.

'We don't know exactly why he brought him off, but sometimes a manager sees one thing and wants to make a change.

'I think it was very harsh to bring him off.

'But it will send a message to Callum Hudson-Odoi and it will send a message to anyone who comes off the bench as a sub that they have to impact the game.

'And he never impacted the game enough.'

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