Chiesa reveals the world will see a very different Juventus next time

Federico Chiesa admits Juventus ‘need to show something very different’ in the second leg if they are to get past FC Porto in the Champions League.

The Bianconeri were abysmal for most of the match, conceding a goal in the opening minute of each half, but Chiesa’s late strike at least gave them some hope with an away goal.

“The approach we took to the game saw us immediately face an uphill struggle. In the Champions League, the moment you are not fully concentrated, they punish you,” Chiesa told Sky Sport Italia.

“We scored an away goal, that gives us strength for the second leg, which will definitely be a very different game.”

How can Juventus with so much experience find themselves in a situation of conceding goals in the opening minute?

“This was my first Champions League knockout fixture, so I don’t know what these are usually like. We just felt tense from the start and made life difficult for ourselves from the very beginning,” added Chiesa.

“It will certainly be a different Juve in the second leg, because if we want to qualify for the next round, we need to show something very different.”

The second leg will be in Turin on March 9 and a 1-0 victory would be enough for Juve to qualify on away goals.

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