Liverpool look like beaten 'ZOMBIES': Manchester United legend Gary Neville

Liverpool look like beaten 'ZOMBIES': Manchester United legend Gary Neville

Gary Neville believes Liverpool could be in for a 'really depressing' season if Jurgen Klopp can't stop them looking like 'zombies' for the remainder of the season.

The faltering champions suffered another humiliating defeat on Saturday when rivals Everton picked up their first win at Anfield since 1999, winning 2-0 on the night.

And with other results going against them, the Reds now find themselves in sixth place in the table and in serious danger of missing out on a Champions League spot.

Neville is confident that Klopp's men will turn around their form sufficiently to finish in the top four, but he claims a change in approach from the manager could be needed tp spark them into life.

'It's starting to get a little bit worrying in the sense we know they have got injuries, we know they have not got fans in the stadium, we know about Covid and there a lot of games, but it's the same for everybody,' the Manchester United legend said on Sky Sports' The Gary Neville podcast.

'But it's the lack of change. A different idea. They just look beaten, almost like zombies on the pitch. Walking around thinking the same thing.

'Maybe it needs something different from Klopp? He has been quite simply unchallengeable and still is at Liverpool but even he might be thinking now: "do I have to do something different?"

'It's not for me to advise Liverpool or Klopp what to do but playing a box to protect your centre-backs or maybe going to three at the back. We have seen other teams go to that system.

'But it looks to me they need a new idea just to give them a spark or it could be a really depressing season for them where they do not qualify for the Champions League, although I still think they will.

'It is a bit more of a worry than it was two or three weeks ago if you are a Liverpool fan.'

Liverpool find themselves 19 points off league leaders Manchester City, the team they romped away from to win their first title in 30 years last season.

And like City, Neville believes Klopp and his players may just need an opportunity to refresh themselves before challenging for top spot once again.

'There is a chance of reset in the summer as that fourth year is always a challenge,' Neville added.

'Man City needed that year off last year when Liverpool won the league comfortably and maybe this is what it is for Liverpool.

'With fans returning, Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez returning it means they will be more confident over the summer but at the moment it's desperate for them.

'I have not seen any change or a difference in what Liverpool do. Everton picked the right moment and if they were not going to show belief in that game then they never were.

'It was a brilliant moment for Everton. They look like they have more belief under Carlo Ancelotti in big matches. It should give the players confidence that they could have their best season for quite a while.'

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