PSG boss Mauricio Pochettino reveals he will never manage Barcelona

The current PSG boss states this is impossible for him to join Barca, the city rival of his former club Espanyol.

Surprisingly, Pochettino claimed otherwise just 5 months ago, saying he exaggerated when previously ruled out a Barcelona option.

"I will never manage Barcelona. That is impossible. I have this idea of life, a connection with a part of that city (Espanyol), that makes that impossible. Just as Marseille is also impossible for me," brand new PSG manager Mauricio Pochettino has just confessed to RMC Sport.

Pochettino a bit contradicted himself with the latest statement. In September 2020, he told Ole that he exaggerated by previously saying it would be impossible for him to join Barcelona.

The Argentine spent 9 years at Espanyol as a player, followed by the 3.5-year spell as a head coach.

Pochettino was approached by Barcelona to replace Ernesto Valverde in January 2020 but he refused.

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