Explained in Details How To Win Jackpot In Sportybet Nigeria

Explained in Details How To Win Jackpot In Sportybet Nigeria

First of all, lets explain what a Jackpot means. Football Jackpot is like a big accumulator on the results of fifteen selected matches from across different leagues. Mostly the matches are English and Scottish games but they sometimes thrown in a match from a European league such as Serie A or the Bundesliga just to mix it up. Here’s an exclamation of how it all works and why it’s so good to do.

All you need to do is predict the outcome of fifteen games, deciding whether you think the home side will win, the away side will win or the match will end in a draw. It really is that simple.

Obviously the more selections you make the more possible permutations there can be, meaning that your overall stake will increase. 

How to win jackpot In Sportybet.

The jackpots are part of a special betting pool, where a percentage of the money that you bet goes towards the combined prize pool, making it a progressive jackpot.

I will show you some of Sportybet jackpot rules and also teach you how to play Sportybet jackpot.

Sportybet offers a straight 12 leg jackpot, with a punter needing to predict the outright result for each of the dozen fixtures for the weekly draw.  

You must choose a home win, draw or away win on all of the 12 scheduled matches to stand a chance to win more than 10 million naira.

The jackpot is accumulative meaning that if no person hits it the previous edition then the win amount climbs above the 10 million mark.  

The 12 leg jackpot is the most popular and one of the easiest to catch – relative to its large prize.  

Lots of sites use a 15 or 17 leg jackpot or one that takes in six games but has the extra difficulty of an exact score format.  

The traditional straight pool is simple to use for beginners and seasoned veterans are extremely familiar with its layout and playability.  

The matches on the fixture list are taken from leagues across the world with the large competitions like the EPL, La Liga and Serie A all included.

There are also smatterings of games from lower tiers or lesser known divisions, especially in the off-season.  

The simplicity of the jackpot can be seen on its landing page https://ift.tt/3rtu34y and you can check previous results and a ‘how to play’ icon, running down the left-hand flank of the menu directory.  

There is nothing like a minimum amount to be staked but on average, for this type of football jackpot the industry norm is ₦10.  

Sportybet may need to jack up their game with more informative terms and conditions, especially regarding the jackpot, otherwise it is a straight forward process.

The site boasts seven different banking options, a top-quality mobi-site and an app – giving access to all Nigerian punters who enjoy jackpot play.  

Now that’s how to win Jackpot in Sportybet.

The jackpot takes place over a weekend and is played every seven days, with the new fixtures normally coming up on a Tuesday.

The site also has a results icon on the main landing page menu directory.   

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