Four Simple Steps on how to payout/Withdraw Money From Sportybet

Four Simple Steps on how to payout/Withdraw Money From Sportybet

Making withdrawal or payout means you have place a bet on your sportybet account and has won up to the payout amount required for the transaction to be processed.

You are new to betting and are experiencing problems in making winnings in betting world you can make use of our bankerbet page on the menu bar or visit our betting tip tag page for all the latest betting tips.

Ok back to what brought us to this page, how to make withdrawal or payout from sportybet account.

How To Withdraw Money From Sportybet To My Account

You can withdraw your Winnings using the Sportybet website or the Sportybet App.

Using the Sportybet Website

· Go to and click on the Login icon. Login with your Account details.

·  A new window will open with a list of functions. Click on the withdraw icon.

·  Select your Bank from the list of Banks and enter your account details. Click or type in the amount you want to withdraw from your winnings. A four-digit security code will be sent to the number linked to the Bank account. Input the code on the space Box.  

·  Your request would be processed, and payment instantly transferred to your Account.

Using the Sportybet App

·  To withdraw using the App, click on “My Account(Me).”

·  Select withdraw from the options list and input your desired amount before clicking withdraw.

·  Payments will be instantly sent to your Account.  

How to withdraw money from SportyBet via SMS

Withdrawing via SMS is not applicable in Nigeria, only Kenya.

Send an SMS with “withdraw#[amount]”#[PIN code]” to 29123. Example: “withdraw#5000#1234″ to 29123.

You will receive a confirmation message from M-pesa as soon as your withdrawal request has been processed: “Your Withdrawal request of KES *** has been processed.

An additional Carrier Fee of KES 16.00 will be applied if the withdrawal amount is less than KES 500. Melbet

Your current SportyBet’s Balance is KES *** (your current Gifts value is KES 300, which can be used when placing bets).

If you are making a withdrawal with an account not previously used on the App, you will need to create a personal security verification code.

To set up the security code, you will have to type in a 4-digit pin that will be used for the withdrawal and subsequent withdrawals on that Account.

So you will have to keep it safe. Suppose the winning ticket was played in a Sportybet agent shop.

Payments will be made by the agent either in cash or sent to the Account you will provide. 

You should also note that all withdrawals on Sportybet are free of charge. You can also use different accounts to make withdrawals when using the App as Sportybet does not restrict users to only one Account.            

The minimum withdrawal you can make per transaction is one thousand Naira ((₦1000), while the maximum daily payout/withdrawal is Fifteen Million Naira ((₦15,000,000).

Payments are normally made instantly but may take between 30 minutes to 24 hours if there are network issues.

A withdrawal with “pending” status signifies that payment is still being processed, and it could take up to 3 days before confirmation is made.                                 

You can file a complaint if you have issues with withdrawing by using the live chat on “support”

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