Arsenal fans hit out on Kroenke for agreeing Super League deal

Arsenal fans hit out on Kroenke for agreeing Super League deal

The Gunners have been announced as one of the founding clubs of the new Super League.

Arsenal fans are mostly furious about this and enraged at how Stan Kroenke agreed to let it happen.

Arsenal have officially been announced as one of the 12 founding clubs of the new Super League that will kick start from next season.

Stan Kroenke was heavily involved in creating the league and played a major role over helping the Gunners get a spot in the competition.

However, Arsenal fans are livid with how he agreed to sell the club’s soul in doing so and reacted on Reddit.

XToxic_BananaX: “Benefiting and profiting off of success that he has never come close to repeating.”

Masson01: “Usmanov has somehow managed to come out of this not looking like the biggest t***.”

Liougi: “I'll probably get downvoted to hell but I just can't in good conscience watch games anymore. I think I have been following this club for I dunno? 20 years at least. This I just can't go with. And I actually think I have not missed a match in years. F*** this clown since that AGM meeting where he said nothing and had Wenger sit there and take all the flac for him.”

Somebody343434: “As an American I sincerely apologize for this man’s existence. He needs an a** whopping.”

Zed_Lepllin: “Hopefully if this Super League s**** goes south he'll sell up as it seems to be his main goal to instigate another big payday for himself. If he doesn't sell I hope the British government gets involved, forces a sale and tells him to piss off for good. 

I could be getting ahead of myself here but this big push for a new league could be a blessing in disguise if it falls through and we rid ourselves of this leech. Hopefully Vinai leaves with him too as he's next to useless as well.”

KDaddy319: “Why is it that everything which brings us the slightest bit of joy is ripped away and ruined by this capitalist hellscape we find ourselves in these days?”

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