Chelsea and 5 other PL clubs signed up for formation of European Super League

Chelsea and 5 other PL clubs signed up for formation of European Super League

UEFA are due to announce their Champions League reform next week.

Chelsea, along with 10 other European clubs, have created a challenge for UEFA.

A breakaway league might be even more beneficial for the clubs than the already lucrative Champions League proposal.

Chelsea are one of five Premier League clubs that have signed up for a breakaway European Super League, according to The Times.

11 European teams have already signed up to the breakaway league. That includes 5 Premier League clubs: Liverpool, Man United, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal.

The news comes as a challenge to UEFA which is due to confirm the Champions League reform next week. It would include expanding the competition to 36 teams and increasing the number of games, which would lead to increased gate receipts.

The breakaway league, meanwhile, would consist of 20 clubs, with 15 of them being the founding members with a secure place in the competition. £3.1 billion would be shared between the founding clubs, with further income from TV and sponsorship deal to follow.

The games would be played in midweek, so the Super League should not pose danger to the domestic leagues.

It remains to be seen which proposal wins in the end, with FIFA and UEFA expected to take the case to the court if the push for the European Super League does not stop.

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