Ex-Liverpool midfielder Redknapp insists Wijnaldum can be replaced

Ex-Liverpool midfielder Redknapp insists Wijnaldum can be replaced

Former Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp insists Gini Wijnaldum can be replaced.

The Holland international's current deal expires this summer and there currently appears no likelihood of an extension despite the player saying last month he would be “devastated" if he left.

“They do run the club in a stats-based way and you have to trust what they are doing here," Redknapp told the PA news agency.

“I understand what they are trying to do, they are not just going to throw money away and give players long contracts.

“That is their model and it has worked so well for them so you have to believe in what they are trying to do. You also can't be held to ransom by players.

“Wijnaldum has been a brilliant signing for Liverpool: his energy levels are fantastic but they have a feeling that, long-term, giving a player that much money until he is 33 or 34… they don't want to do it.

“I am sure Jurgen Klopp won't want to lose him as you can't deny he is a fantastic player but he is not irreplaceable, you can find players like him, and Liverpool will be in the market trying to find the next Wijnaldum.

“Time will tell whether it is the right decision but I do understand what Liverpool are trying to do."

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