Football fans label Perez the Putin of football ESL proposal

Football fans label Perez the Putin of football ESL proposal

The Super League news has put the football world into turmoil. While the new league bosses, national leagues, UEFA and FIFA are rallying the troops, fans are trying to figure out if it's the doomsday or a new beginning.

Lots of football supporters have joined UEFA and FIFA officials, TV pundits and football legends to voice their utter disappointment with the concept presented by Florentino Perez and Co.

'Disgrace', 'greediness', 'lack of ambition' - these words aren't the strongest addressed at the 12 founding members of the Super League on social media.

caro: "I will fully be supporting Leeds and Sevilla as long as Liverpool and Barca are part of ESL. Switching teams because a club no longer represents the values you stand for isn’t being disloyal – it’s staying true to who you f****ing are. F*** Super League."

Ekundayo Collins Olajide-Osarumen: "The only reason why super ambitious teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid support an idea where the competition is utterly zero is only because of money! Arsenal joining is both the money and lack of competition! Zero ambition!"

Jason Marc Fisher: "The problem with the Super League is that only 12 to 15 teams will really benefit with the amount of money they'll be receiving. Teams like Leicester and West Ham that have been better than half of the 'big 6' are trying to earn their spots among Europe's elite."

Bharath Gowda: "Perez has officially become the Putin of football.”

Aaron Kearney: "Observing and working in pro sport for decades, one thing has proven most true. The very skill set required to make enough money to buy a pro team makes you woeful at comprehending, let alone embracing, the hopes, dreams, community and connections that team embodies."

justsayingworld: "What a disgrace! Your fans are who built and maintain your clubs. Greed. Arrogance. It wasn’t broken."

Roshan Rao: "I might be wrong but I predict football won't evolve technically and tactically either when few best teams play each other all the time. Contrary to logic, the game might be faster but technical players don't develop. Teams turn into pressing machines, nothing else.

sharvesh agarwal: "Super League is just a way for money greedy a*****es who have lost all the love for the game. Players should boycott these matches in order to save our game from the greed of some money mongers."

Joel: "The great 'invention' of capitalism is not competition, but the elimination of competition."

However, there are a lot of fans who are genuinely up for the new league and expect it to be entertaining and beneficial for all parties involved.

Iain Dell: "Definitely up for Liverpool to join a super league and get away from these little teams who play anti-football (Spurs, Burnley, Sheffield United, anyone managed by Sam Allardyce, you get the picture)

name can be blank: "Perez is my man if this Super League really does come to fruition. Haha this man really likes to win"

Saladmaekers_stan: "I don’t think the Super League would get stale. I envision the league being super tight, with every game being super important. And the football itself would necessarily be awesome. How does any of that sound stale?"

Za Pablo: "Looking deep into this Super League matter I think it's a well-proposed idea, the pandemic had a catastrophic effect on football and there was an urgent need to make things work again."

Jeffry Sujanto: "Sad to admit but the new UCL format is worse and unfair in the sporting sense. How do you truly rank teams without having to play the same opponents as others? Sorry, but I prefer the Super League format. UCL, EPL, La Liga and Serie A will be unwatchable without them."

AFRICAN THOR: "I hope the Super League happens. Football has become boring. We are football fans, we should not give a damn about how much money clubs will make. The competition will be great. Champions League has become boring AF."

Filip: "What younger fans need to understand is that change is needed in football, UEFA and FIFA don’t see that because they don’t care, they are being made out like the victims when they are even worse because they have been ruining football for decades. 

If UEFA or FIFA cared about football they would never choose to bring it to Qatar and we as football fans should ask ourselves why didn’t we stand up like this when that happened?"

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