Passionate Chelsea fans calls for Abramovich apology

Passionate Chelsea fans calls for Abramovich apology

With Chelsea's withdrawal statement for the Super League not including an apology to the fans for involving the club in the mess, this fan believes club owner Roman Abramovich owes one to the fans

A Chelsea fan that has been identified as Phil told talkSPORT: “There’s so much I want to say.

“First of all, I’m so proud, it’s great to be a fan, not just a Chelsea fan, but for the fans all over the country. We’re going to do it again if it happens.

“We stood outside of Stamford Bridge last night. We moved out of the way because it was Brighton.

“I’m just wondering if we would have moved out of the way if it was City or United or Tottenham or Liverpool? They’re saying get rid of Bruce Buck? Fair enough.

“But doesn’t it also mean Mr Abramovich as well? We’re not going to hear from him – we never do.

“He should have the decency to come out and apologise. For once in his life he should say, ‘sorry!’”

The other English clubs that were part of the Super League proposal have added apologies to their withdrawal statements, with Liverpool's owner John Henry also releasing a video apologizing to fans.

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