'Sport is not a sport when success is guaranteed': Guardiola

The Man City manager is unhappy with the way the Super League has been announced.

Pep insists that the league won’t keep football as a competitive sport when the top teams don’t really have much to lose.

Speaking about his thoughts on the Super League, Pep Guardiola said in a press conference: “Sport is not a sport when the success is guaranteed, and when the relation between the effort and reward don’t exist.

“It’s not a sport when it doesn’t matter if you lose. It's not fair if teams fight at the top and cannot qualify.”

Guardiola’s side Man City are one of the founding members of the Super League – which could be started as soon as August 2021.

However, Boris Johnson has vowed to block every single Premier League club – Chelsea included – from participating in the tournament and ensuring new strict laws to stop the elite clubs from forming their own breakaway competition.

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