Barcelona Disappointed With Neymar’s New PSG Deal

Barcelona Disappointed With Neymar’s New PSG Deal

Even after the official announcement that Neymar has renewed his contract with Paris Saint-Germain, the controversy surrounding him and Barcelona is still ongoing, according to RAC1.

The Brazilian has once again been sly in his dealings with the Catalans as he was seemingly flirting with Barcelona amid consistent talks of renewal with PSG.

The French side offered him a massive contract, which he did not sign for quite some time.

It appeared as though Neymar was stalling in the hopes that his former club would once again reach out to facilitate a transfer.

And apparently, that is exactly what happened.

The report states that Barcelona’s representatives were in Paris and accompanied Neymar for an entire day, a little over a month ago to discuss the prospect of his return and what his thoughts were about staying at PSG.

Neymar told the emissaries that he wanted to return to Spain since he did not see a good future with PSG and thought they did not have a winning project.

And ultimately, the rest is history with speculation stating that he used the two parties to get a more lucrative deal.

Barcelona is naturally disappointed with Neymar after another trick.

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