Roberto Mancini Net Worth, Salary, Wife, House, Cars

Roberto Mancini Net Worth, Salary, Wife, House, Cars

Just how much is Roberto Mancini net worth? What does the reigning European coach earn in terms of salary?

Roberto Mancini is one of the most popular names in football and deservedly so.

The 57-year-old Italian manager has achieved immense success as both player and coach and just recently won the 2020 Euro trophy with the Italy national team.

Here are some quick facts and bio of one of the most successful managers in football.

Born on 27 November 1964, Mancini has always been an Italian Darling and has enjoyed major successes as a player and manager in the country.

Almost all of his major trophies won as both player and manager were with Italy and the Italian National team. 

He is often considered by many as a creative deep forward player and a master tactician as a manager.

Let’s now see what Roberto Mancini net worth look like.

Roberto Mancini Net Worth

Mancini began his football career with Serie A sideBologna in 1981.

The following year, he was bought by Sampdoria for £2.2 million, and it was with this team he built a reputation of scoring and linking plays.

Playing as a deep-lying forward, he was both scorer and creator and was able to lead Sampdoria to the Serie A league title in 1991 and won another four Coppa Italia titles and the European Cup Winners’ Cup with the team.

After immense success with Sampdoria, he joined Lazio in 1997 and won the Serie A title again.

He also won two CoppaItalia titles, a cup winners cup, and the UEFA super cup.

Already reaching his retirement period as a footballer, Mancini spent his final years with Lazio as a player-coach and often gave tea talks.

Mancini left Lazio had a short spell with Leicester before fully retiring from Club football.

At the International scene, he didn’t win any trophy but guided his team to the semi-finals of the UEFA Euro in 1998 and the 1990 FIFA world cup.

Mancini began his managerial career with Fiorentina in 2001 at the age of 36 and won the CoppaItalia with the team.

He quickly moved to Lazio due to financial constraints rocking Fiorentina, and again won the Coppa Italia.

However, with Lazio also under Financial distress and struggling to meet up with his salary, he moved to Inter Milan in 2004.

At InterMilan, he achieved an immense feat, winning three consecutive Serie A titles.
The wins made him Inter Milan,the most successful manager in the last 40 years.

He was, however, dismissed in 2008 following disappointments in Europe. He quickly signed to become Manchester City manager.

Mancini signing to Manchester City began the Golden age of Manchester city, and to this day, City has remained the most dominant team in England.

At City, Mancini’s major highlight was his ability to outwit Manchester United Legendary Manager Sir Alex Ferguson to win the Premier League with City in one of the most dramatic fashions.

He won the FA cup twice, but failure to bring the UCL title to the eager City fans despite expensive signings saw his contract terminated.

After City, Mancini enjoyed very short stints with Galataxary, Zenith, and a fairy tale reunion with Inter Milan before signing with the Italian National team in 2018.

Mancini took over the Italian National team after the team failed to qualify for the 2018 world cup.

The contract he signed with the National team was expected to last for as long as 2022. In 2021, he won the Euro 2020 in July.

Net Worth
In terms of his total Net worth, Roberto Mancini has never been one that lacks in finances.

Starting his career with the leather game in his early 20’s, the 56 years old have amassed an amazing amount of fortune and stills earn reasonably well with the Italian National team.

His fortune accumulation seems to have been shared on an almost equal line of his football years and that of a manager.

Following previous stats of its salary data, Mancini is stated to have a total estimated net worth of $45 million.

The value is expected to increase as his lucrative annual salary with the Italian National team is expected to continue until 2022.

There is also no expected premature termination of the contract as he currently lifted the 2020 Euro trophy with the team.

Roberto Mancini Salary
Mancini is clearly a big fish in the football space, and this is evident with his more-than-the-average managerial earning as Italy Manager.

According to the Italian website, which analyses the earnings of footballers, managers, and celebrities, the Multi-millionaire manager earns two million euros yearly following his 4-year contract with the Italian National Team, which is set to expire in 2022 after the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Roberto Mancini Net Worth
His earnings with the National team make him the highest-earning coach in their history.

He is also the second-highest-paid coach in the history of Italy, with Antonio Conte being the first.

A breakdown of Mancini earnings shows how much he earns daily, weekly, monthly and how they accumulate to a total of over two million euros (this include bonuses)

Annual: €2,000,000.00
Monthly: €166,722.94

Weekly: €38,474.55

Daily: €7,696.48

Also, his salary graph since 2012, as estimated by various financial online estimators, follow the order:  €2 million as at 2019

Straittimes: €2 million p/y at 2018

The Sun: €5.25 million at 2017

Francefootball: €4.8 million at March 2015

Francefootball: €14 million at March 2014

Eurosport via Francefootball: €7.6 million at March 2013 €5.9 million at November 2012

Roberto Mancini Wife
Federico Morelli
Just as in his football and managerial career, Mancini has experienced both ups and Down in his marital life.

The Italian football specialist has been married twice, with his first union coming in 1990 when he tied the knot with Federico Morelli in 1990.

The couple stayed together for 25 years with the union blessed with three kids; two sons and a daughter named Andrea, Filippo, and Camilla, respectively.

The first sign of tarnish between the couple was first noticed in 2015 when Morelli left her matrimonial home and lived separately.

In 2016, they both announced their divorce, putting an end to a long union.

During their marriage, Morelli was always out of the scrutinizing eyes of the media and was able to keep her life private life.

However, there are claims that she fell out of love with Mancini in marriage and was separated from him as early as 2009.

Silvia Fortini
Following the divorce from his first wife, Mancini was reported to have stayed away from the relationship scene for a while and only started dating in 2017.

His date was Silvia Fortini, who was a lawyer by profession.
The couple decided to tie the knot in 2018 in a private ceremony that only had a few family and friends present in the occasion.

Even as an Attorney, Fortini is very private about her life and is barely active on her social media handles.

However, she does share some lovely photos when on vacation with her husband.

She is also the official client of her husband, and according to her, her most important one.

Fortini has her own law firm in Rome and represents different clients around the world.

Roberto Mancini House
There is not much information on how Mancini houses, and this is clearly a deliberate effort of the Italian manager to keep away prying eyes.

However, what has been established is the fact that he does has three houses: one in Rome where he lives with his family and the other two in Manchester, which was bought at the center of and suburb of Manchester.

The reason for the double apartments in Manchester was to give him the luxury to watch his players and reduce their drinking culture.

During his spell as Manchester city manager, Mancini lamented the fact that British players drank too much.

Roberto Mancini Cars
Roberto Mancini is one man that loves cars and has been spotted with different rides though there is no confirmation that he owns all of them.

However, what has been confirmed is that he currently owns two cars: a grey Volvo XC90 and a dark grey Lexus RX Hybrid.
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