UEFA Euro Past Winners Listed From Inception Till Date

UEFA Euro Past Winners Listed From Inception Till Date

I’m sure you know who the current winner is but do you know who UEFA Euro past winners are?

It used to be called UEFA European Championship, the quadrennial tournament is held between member countries of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA).

After the FIFA World Cup, this is the second most prestigious international football tournament for the Europeans.

The first European Nations Cup (as it used to be known way back then) was played in 1960, and at that time, they were just four teams.

By 1980, it had expanded to eight teams, and by 1996 they became 16 teams. Today, the number of teams participating in the Euro 2020 are 24.

Isn’t change a constant thing?!

Let’s now see the Euro winners list.

2020.  All across Europe -> Italy -> England
2016.  France -> Portugal -> France
2012. Ukraine/Poland -> Spain -> Italy
2008.Austria\Switzerland ->Spain ->Germany
2004. Portugal -> Greece ->Portugal
2000. Belgium/Netherlands -> France -> Italy
1996. England -> Germany -> Czech republic
1992. Sweden -> Denmark -> Germany
1988. Germany -> Netherlands -> Soviet Union
1984. France ->France ->Spain
1980. Italy -> Germany -> Belgium
1976. Yugoslavia -> Czechoslovakia ->Germany
1972. Belgium -> Germany -> Soviet Union
1968. Italy -> Italy -> Yugoslavia
1964. Spain -> Spain -> Soviet Union
1960. France -> Soviet Union -> Yugoslavia

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