Barca Fans react to drawing Bayern in Champions League: 'We'll play Europa League'

Barca Fans react to drawing Bayern in Champions League: 'We'll play Europa League'

Barcelona have been drawn in Group E in the 2021/22 Champions League together with Bayern Munich, Benfica and Dynamo Kyiv.

While the teams from Portugal and Ukraine don't pose too much danger in the minds of the Blaugrana fans, the Bavarians have brought back some tough memories. Here's what the cules on the Internet have had to say.


RafaelH117: "Laporta better signs a deal with Bayern that if they beat Barcelona by more than three goals they have to take Samuel Umtiti off our hands."

KayPoissonOne: "At least Bayern don't have Coutinho now, so that’s minus 2 goals."

JosipFCB93: "Jokes aside, I don't think Bayern will humiliate us like that again but they are obviously still a better team at the moment. It would be a big surprise if we top that group but we should be finishing 2nd comfortably."

sr02__fcb248: "So, Bayern it is. Just realized Barca vs Bayern could possibly be Koeman's last game in charge at the helm."


onlynobodies: "It hit me yesterday that we might actually have to compete in Europa League now, but looking at the group even our squad should be capable of finishing 2nd in the group."

random_username_01: "If Barca can win a single match against Bayern then Koeman will continue otherwise I think he is gone. Puig will be the happiest person after seeing this draw."

Nied_Numb: "F*ck all this being scared bullshit! We’re making it out of the group! Let other fans shi* on us all they want, we’ve seen how many teams go from absolute shit to top teams and back and forth. For f*ck's sake, Chelsea just won the damn thing. We are Barcelona! We can win!"

sp_55: "After watching 2 Bayern games this season (against Dortmund and Koln), I believe we are not totally out of it (not saying that we are favourites). If we defend well, we can hit them on the counter. Big if though."

hahasanji: "Please no Pique, Roberto and Lenglet against Bayern. This is the real test, we’re gonna see if we’ve changed or still using the same players."
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