Chelsea fans blame Anthony Taylor for the draw against Liverpool

Chelsea fans blame Anthony Taylor for the draw against Liverpool

Anthony Taylor has a long history of questionable calls in the Chelsea games, and after the Liverpool game, it's even longer.

The referee from Greater Manchester needed just one look at the VAR monitor to see Reece James' handball.

Somehow, however, he decided against booking Liverpool players for blatant tactical fouls - Fabinho alone committed around half a dozen of those.

No wonder that the Chelsea fans are not too happy about Taylor's refereeing.

Pauldortheoblivious: "Booked Mendy for kicking the ball as well when Salah did that out of frustration not 10 minutes earlier and nothing. Incompetent jagoff."

chrisk2799: "One of the biggest games of the season, a massive decision, and he’s gone to look at the monitor for a second. Like what are you doing? Useless"

IlluminatiGodCoder: "Not a single booking for a Liverpool player all game, yet basically doubled our foul count. How many fouls did Fabinho make? At least five."

@AlexGoldberg_: "I know for a fact there are cases where certain referees don’t referee certain teams. So why is Anthony Taylor still allowed to ref Chelsea? I understand he’s awful in general, but we’re at the point where you can make a LONG highlight video of egregious 'errors' vs Chelsea."

@kwamebenaiah: "99.9% of Chelsea fans were worried once they knew Taylor would be the referee for the game. Rightfully so."

@CfcSheikh: "Anthony Taylor is the most corrupt referee in the Premier League. Should never be allowed to ref a Chelsea match again."

Fan forums
Fifty Years of Hurt (We Ain't Got No History): "Every time he gets a chance to screw us over, he takes it without thinking. There comes a point where it has to stop being a coincidence, and it starts being personal for him. He shouldn't ever be anywhere near one of our games again. Not on the pitch, not on VAR. Personally, I'd ban him from the stadium as well. Don't want him even turning up as a spectator."

Scott Harris (The Shed End): "I know we want VAR decisions to be quicker, but that is just taking the piss. How can the Premier League, F.A or whoever the f**k is in charge of this look at that and think that is acceptable from one of their refs? He's taken one look at a still image and assumed James has deliberately stopped the ball with his arm. He's not even tried to find any innocence in it. The bloke is a cheat."

Strike, Talk Chelsea: "Robbed of the win by a ref who took two seconds to watch that goal-line block. The refereeing was diabolical."
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