Fonte Tip Cristiano Ronaldo to Join Lille after Messi signed for PSG

Fonte Tip Cristiano Ronaldo to Join Lille after Messi signed for PSG

Paris Saint-Germain's already star-studded squad has been further strengthened this summer with the arrival of Lionel Messi and others, prompting some to question how anyone can stop them.

Lille are the defending champions in France and their captain Jose Fonte decided to send a cheeky message to his international teammate Cristiano Ronaldo asking him to come and help them beat PSG again.

"It's exciting. Obviously, in terms of competitors, it will be even more difficult for us, but we are up for a challenge," Fonte told talkSPORT when asked about Messi's arrival in France.

"I'm texting Cristiano to come to Lille every day! He only replied 'hahaha.'"

The Portuguese international embraces the challenge but acknowledges things will be tough this year, even as reigning champions.

"Imagine if we keep a clean sheet against them [Messi, Neymar and Mbappe]!" said Fonte.

"Incredible front three. Are they going to defend? I don't know.

"It will be interesting to see the competitiveness of the league this year."

While conceding that Messi will be good for French football, and continuing to joke about convincing Ronaldo to join Lille, the 37-year-old did want to ask serious questions about how PSG can afford and be allowed to spend so much money.

"I want to touch on another aspect, though. I just want to understand the Financial Fair Play in France," said Fonte.

"Every single club is restricting their spending. They can't buy a lot, they can't get players on big wages, but then PSG come and it looks like there's no law.

"It's great that the French league is having Leo Messi... but obviously you have to look at the other aspect of it, is it really fair?"

It was put to Fonte that Messi also brings in a lot of income as well as promises of success, but he replied that these is speculation and that PSG were already spending huge money on wages.

"Winning the league is not guaranteed, they're counting on a lot of things that haven't happened. How is that allowed?" Fonte said.

"Everyone had to tighten the budget at Lille, some players had to reduce their wages.

"Then you come to PSG and you see Gianluigi Donnarumma signing, Sergio Ramos signing, you see Georginio Wijnaldum signing... All these players are coming for big, big wages and they already have lots of players that have incredible wages. That's where the frustration comes from."

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