How to Predict Under/Over 1.5 goals tips in football

How to Predict Under/Over 1.5 goals tips in football

Over 1.5 goals market explained

Key Facts

Over 1.5 goals – 2 or more goals in a match to win

Under 1.5 goals – 1 or 0 goals in a match to win

Football is one of those sports where there is a whole range of markets for sports bettors to explore. It is now common knowledge that the 1 x 2 betting markets do not always create the most value, which is what leads punters to look for other markets in the first place. It just so happens that the over 1.5 goals market is one of these, and as the name suggests, a football game needs to include more than 1.5 goals for your prediction to be correct.

While you might think that this is a relatively low number of goals, it is surprising how many matches actually finish with less than 1.5 goes on the scoreboard. For that reason, there are many things that you need to pay attention to before backing this market, and we have gone into these through the tips given in the rest of this post.

Key indicators before backing this market

As promised, we have outlined several key indicators that you need to pay attention to before you jump the gun and place any wages in the over 1.5 goals market. All of these factors should be considered before you follow through on any predictions, or before you follow through and place a wager off your own back. Check them all out right here.

Last 5 games

The first of these indicators that we believe is absolutely essential for this market is the last five games that a team has played. If you go any further back than this, it is likely that the information you see will not really be as relevant, as a lot can change in the space of 5 games. What you are looking for here is whether a team has regularly posted plenty of goals on the scoreboard for their previous matches, and if they have, this is usually a good sign.

Home and away form

The second of these indicators that you really should check out before making a wager is the home and away form of a particular team. It goes without saying that in football, certain teams perform better at home then they do in away stadiums. This is something that absolutely needs to be taken into account before investigating the over 1.5 goals markets, and this should be assessed for both teams. The only exception to this rule would be if you are betting that the overall match has over 1.5 goals.

Strikers on the field

More often than not, it is the designated strikers that bang in the goals for various football teams. For that reason, you should check what strikers are actually listed to start the game, and you should also check out what kind of form these strikers are in. For example, if there is a great striker in the squad, yet he hasn't scored a goal in the last five games, this will be something that you should also take into account.

Last Tip: Serie A is the perfect league for this kind of bet

With 2.92 goals per game on average over 2019-2020, Serie A is the paradise for goalscorers.

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