UEFA Champions League Winners List: Detailed From Inception Till Date

UEFA Champions League Winners List: Detailed From Inception Till Date

UEFA Champions League Winners List: Detailed From Inception Till Date

Who has won the Champions League the most times? And who won the first Champions League? These questions and more are been asked by fans and I’m going to answer them with this Champions league winners list article that I’m about to share with you.

First of all, how many times do you think the Champions League has been played? From the record, it shows that the UEFA Champions League has been organised 63 times; every year since 1955.

This year’s (2018-19) League will make it 64 times.

Also, who are the Champions League winners? I have made a list of them from inception (1956) to date.

But before we get to see who the UEFA Champions League Past winners are, let’s see how it all begun.

If you have been looking for the UEFA champions league winners list that will show you all the winners, runners-up, the coaches who guided the teams to glory, how many times each club and coach won the title and so on, from inception till date then you need to read on.

UEFA Champions League, which we usually prefer calling the Champions League, is an annual cup competition put together by Union of European Football Associations [UEFA] for top football clubs across Europe.

The Champions League kicked off in the year 1955, and it wasn’t until 1992 that the tournament was rechristened from the European Cup or European Champions’ Cup (officially European Champion Clubs’ Cup) to Champions League.

Until recently, i.e. the 2013-14 season to be précised, that was the first time the tournament allowed teams from the same city to feature.

Same clubs faced each other again in 2016 final, and in 2000 season, two Spanish teams battled in the final, however, they were from different cities.

From the inception of the Champions League, Real Madrid is the club who has won the title the most, after being crowned 13 times including the introductory competition in 1956. The other three clubs who have come close to Real are AC Milan (7), FC Bayern München (5), as well as Liverpool who has the same record as Bayern, winning it five times too.

The 2018-19 Champions League final is expected to be played at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium in Madrid.

What teams have won the Champions League? Let’s find out as we take a look at the UEFA Champions League Winners list table.

See the list of all Champions League winners since 1956 below.


2022        Real Madrid    Spain
2021 Chelsea FC England
2020 Bayern München Germany
2019 Liverpool FC England
2018 Real Madrid Spain
2017 Real Madrid Spain
2016 Real Madrid Spain
2015 FC Barcelona Spain
2014 Real Madrid Spain
2013 Bayern München Germany
2012 Chelsea FC England
2011 FC Barcelona Spain
2010 Inter Italy
2009 FC Barcelona Spain
2008 Manchester United England
2007 AC Milan Italy
2006 FC Barcelona Spain
2005 Liverpool FC England
2004 FC Porto Portugal
2003 AC Milan Italy
2002 Real Madrid Spain
2001 Bayern München Germany
2000 Real Madrid Spain
1999 Manchester United England
1998 Real Madrid Spain
1997 Borussia Dortmund Germany
1996 Juventus Italy
1995 AFC Ajax Netherlands
1994 AC Milan Italy
1993 Olympique Marseille France
1992 FC Barcelona Spain
1991 Crvena Zvezda Serbia
1990 AC Milan Italy
1989 AC Milan Italy
1988 PSV Eindhoven Netherlands
1987 FC Porto Portugal
1986 CSA Steaua București Romania
1985 Juventus Italy
1984 Liverpool FC England
1983 Hamburger SV Germany
1982 Aston Villa England
1981 Liverpool FC England
1980 Nottingham Forest England
1979 Nottingham Forest England
1978 Liverpool FC England
1977 Liverpool FC England
1976 Bayern München Germany
1975 Bayern München Germany
1974 Bayern München Germany
1973 AFC Ajax Netherlands
1972 AFC Ajax Netherlands
1971 AFC Ajax Netherlands
1970 Feijenoord Netherlands
1969 AC Milan Italy
1968 Manchester United England
1967 Celtic FC Scotland
1966 Real Madrid Spain
1965 Inter Italy
1964 Inter Italy
1963 AC Milan Italy
1962 SL Benfica Portugal
1961 SL Benfica Portugal
1960 Real Madrid Spain
1959 Real Madrid Spain
1958 Real Madrid Spain
1957 Real Madrid Spain
1956 Real Madrid Spain

That is all UEFA Champions League winners from inception till date.
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