'Barca has wasted a year and a half: Fans reacts to Koeman-Barca's humiliating defeat against Bayern

'Barca has wasted a year and a half: Fans reacts to Koeman-Barca's humiliating defeat against Bayern

Barcelona were blown out of water in another disastrous performance against Bayern Munich in the Champions League on Tuesday night.

Since then, Cules have not stopped talking about the game, with the blame game being played to the fullest.

Here's how the Blaugrana faithful have been reacting on the internet in the aftermath of the humiliating 3-0 defeat:

WonderValleys: I feel a little sad about the way we went into this game. It seemed like all we focused on was not losing by too many goals. It just didn’t seem like a starting lineup that was meant to be an offensive threat or that was supposed to be fighting for the win. I don’t know man."

FCB_1899: "We are Barca, rebuilding is clearly possible but don’t take anything for granted, we need a long series of good decisions to live to see a Barca at the top again."

Historical_Goal9665: "The worst thing about all this is that Barca has wasted a year and a half with Koeman. No improvement. You didn’t improve playing from the back. You didn’t improve pressing high. You didn’t improve the midfielders. Nothing. Koeman is gonna send Barca to Europa League next season."

Username-_-Password: "Absolute pain to see Camp Nou turn into a playground from a fortress."

mouthtroll: "Not surprised but still sad to see. I know the team is rebuilding so I wasn’t expecting much."

Montu: "I will say our younger players show drive and determination. In time we’ll be back but patience is needed"

Javier Mascherano: "Nothing hurts me anymore. I’m a Barcelona fan."

Sam: "As an honest Barça fan, I agree we have been a banter club throughout our history, but now that we have Koeman, the future is bright. When Koeman said "Thanks to me Barcelona has a future"I felt it, it touched my heart, my soul. Please @RonaldKoeman sir stay with us for two more decades"

Dennis Bergkamp: "I'm no barcelona fan but even I was frustrated seeing that game yesterday."

JJ Villegas: "Barcelona look sooo lost can’t even get any good passes can’t keep control of the ball and idk who the hell is #17 is. Barcelona ain’t winning shit anymore the way they playing sorry ass team but I’m still going to support them"

Mzilankatha: "The year is 2040 and my kids are asking me why I still support Barcelona"
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