Harry Kane, not Ronaldo can win you the Premier League league: Paul Merson

Harry Kane, not Ronaldo can win you the Premier League league: Paul Merson

Former Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson is back with his opinions on Cristiano Ronaldo, as he wrote in his column for the Daily Star: “If Cristiano Ronaldo wins the league at Manchester United it will be the biggest thing he’s ever done in football.

“But he won’t because he’s not the same player any more - and if you’re not going to win the league with him, I don’t see the point in signing him.

“Harry Kane wins you the league. With the money they have spent on Jadon Sancho and Ronaldo, surely you try and get Kane? I think he would have gone there. United are the biggest club in the world.

“Signing Ronaldo is great for the fans. The king is back. But it frustrates me. You sell shirts with Ronaldo. You win the league with Kane.”

Merson also defended his controversial take on Ronaldo being ‘half the footballer’ he once was, adding: “I said on Sky the other day that Ronaldo is half the player he was. United fans don’t like it. But that’s just a fact.

“He’s not going to beat three players with a step over and bend it into the top corner any more. The geezer was unplayable when he was at United before. He’s playable now. He’s 36!

“It’s physically impossible to be the same player he was all those years ago, however well he looks after himself. I’ve never said he’s finished. He isn’t. He will score goals in the Premier League.

“But these days he’s the kind of player who doesn’t have a kick all game and then scores twice. United need more than that if they want to win the league. But I wonder if they really do want to win the league.”

This comparison is rather baffling considering the fact that Ronaldo has won the league title in every major league he’s played in. Harry Kane on the hand? He’s won absolutely nothing in his career with Tottenham Hotspur.

Cristiano is intent on helping the Red Devils reclaim the Premier League trophy and is said to have told the entire squad that ‘they need to win the league’ this season.
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