How And Where To Use Draw No Bet Revealed

How And Where To Use Draw No Bet Revealed

Draw No Bet Meaning

Betting has been and will continue to be a source of livelihood for many, But when you plunge into betting without knowing the meaning of options made available to you and how to maximize these options it becomes catastrophic and frustrating eventually leading to loss of money.

The Draw No Bet betting market option reduces the risk of negative outcome in bets and removes the outcome of a draw in three-way markets such as 1×2. Draw no bet allows punters (you) to bet on either a home win, or an away win, and if the result is a draw, your stake will be refunded, but you will lose your bet if the other team wins of course. 

 The Draw No Bet market odds are lower than the conventional 1X2 market, but, you have the chance to be on a safer side and on the safety of voiding the bet if the result is a draw. The Draw No Bets option is pretty much available on every betting site in the UK, Nigeria and on popular betting sites and platforms such as Bet9ja.

The Draw No Bet market option can be particularly useful in football bets as most punters decide to go for the Draw No Bet rather than the draw result despite around 20% of games in popular football (soccer) leagues ending as a draw. 

 Cases were to use the draw no bet market : 

  •  Back an underdog you fancy with the security of the draw 
  •  Backing favourites with large stakes but securing a refund if there is a draw.
  •  Backing a pre-match favourite in-play if they are losing 
  •  Building accumulators that won’t lose if a team draws (the selection will void in accas)

 If you plan to regularly place draw no bet bets, the Asian handicap markets could be a better value alternative. 

 The draw no bet equivalent on the Asian handicap line is displayed as 0.0, and essentially acts the same as a draw no bet, but, can often have higher odds than the draw no bet market. We recommend checking both of these markets to see which odds are higher before placing your bet.
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