Liverpool fans list 10 players they would've loved to see at Anfield

Liverpool fans list 10 players they would've loved to see at Anfield

With the transfer window having come to a close earlier this week, there were a number of rumours that never materialized.

While it's definitely time to move on and focus on the current season, some wishes in terms of new players did remain unfulfilled.

We asked the Tribuna Reds community which players they would have liked Liverpool to sign the most and while a lot of fans want to simply appreciate the squad at hand, here's a look at the names that were mentioned.

Henry Knight: "Saul is a player I wish we got because we don’t really have a goal scoring midfielder who can bang in 10-15 goals a season. Coutinho is another player. We could’ve got Kylian Mbappe because he’s with Nike and we could’ve worked out a deal."

Sob Robertson: "Traore or Neto would have been nice."

Danny English: "Mbappe or Haaland as they are young stars and would shine under Klopp.."

Connor Prunty: "Youri Tielemans would have been class, same with Vlahovic."

Alan Oram: "Would of had trouble signing a big name that would have wanted to play every game. Personally, I thought Raphinha would of been a great buy for us."

Steve Tines: "I would loved to have Suarez back and maybe Tielemans as well.

While the lack of depth could prove to be an issue, Liverpool do have a team that can compete for the highest prizes should injuries be kind to the Reds this season.

Tielemans, Mbappe or Haaland would certainly have made a major difference though and who knows, perhaps the Reds might go after them in the windows to come!
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