'Mbappe is much more complete than Haaland': Former Real Madrid striker

'Mbappe is much more complete than Haaland': Former Real Madrid striker

Former Real Madrid striker Ivan Zamorano sat down with Diario AS for a lengthy chat. While there, Zamorano gave his two cents on Real Madrid's targets Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland.

On Mbappe Zamorano said: "In a couple of years he will be the best player in the world.

"Today he already marks differences in one against one. Mbappe's the type that does not make mistakes, when he has one man to beat he does not fail.

"Mbappe is not a centre forward, he is a player who can play anywhere in attack. He moves very well on the wings. Much of his goals go from the outside to the inside.

"Mbappe is also a player who not only scores goals, he gives a lot of assists."

Asked the difference between Mbappe and Haaland, Zamorano replied: "Haaland can be used for a system, for a football idea. He can make a difference with his physical power.

"Mbappe works for any game system. Any coach in the world will find him much more useful because he is much more complete than Haaland."

Zamorano's comments explain why Real Madrid are gunning to sign the duo of Haaland and Mbappe next summer. Not just one.

The 54-year-old Chilean played 173 games for Real Madrid scoring 101 goals.
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