Sky Sports publicise fake Messi stats compares him to CR7

Sky Sports publicise fake Messi stats compares him to CR7

Following Cristiano Ronaldo's epic Man United debut last weekend, Sky Sports have decided to compare the Portuguese's career stats to Leo Messi's ones.

Cules and some neutrals immediately went mad after seeing the international stats comparison. The numbers actually claim that Messi hasn't won a single international trophy!

For some reason, they also say that Leo Messi has won just 3 Champions League trophies, although he has 4.

Watch the vid if you still don't believe it – and let's proceed to fans' best reactions to this blooper.

💭 "Stats are wrong, Messi just win an international trophy and I’m sorry but the nations league isn't worth a wank. Plus Messi has 4 CLs, not 3. The bias has been shown."

"Not only do they conveniently disregard 1 UCL title for Messi, but apparently Copa America 2021 was won by Brazil."

"Absolutely insane that it’s Sky Sports is making up fake stats now and not a random football Twitter account. It’s Messi against the world, it’s always been that way."

"We've never ever seen this before. They're even hiding replies favoring Messi in the video they posted. Cristiano and Mendes ruined this sport for good."

"Sky Sports docked Messi of his international trophy and a Champions League while also placing the Friendly tournament Nation’s league at the same level as actual major tournaments. Messi battling this PR to achieve GOAT status is insane."

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