Tuchel names 5 Lukaku qualities that Chelsea missed

Tuchel names 5 Lukaku qualities that Chelsea missed

"The performance for Romelu was not easy, we did not create many chances for him, we did not create many deliveries," Thomas Tuchel said after the Zenit clash.

"But he is the type of guy who does not lose confidence and belief, and that's why he's here and that makes him a world-class striker.

"You don't find many strikers of that quality and the guys who really score regularly for their teams are so, so important because the goal changes the whole momentum of the match.

"It gives the whole team a lot of belief to know that maybe one half-chance or one chance is enough to make him score.

"And it's more than just talent that he brings because he has the belief, he takes pressure off other guys’ shoulders, he has the personality not to be impatient or to lose confidence.

"He was the type of guy that we were missing in our team, the profile, but not only for the talent but also for his personality.

"He is a super humble guy, he loves football, he loves to train. He is such a good communicator in the dressing room, he is open to everybody and that creates a certain atmosphere and energy around him and within the team.

"The atmosphere and the spirit last year took us very, very far and it is very important that we have it again, and we have it with Romelu because he loves Chelsea and knows what this club is all about.

"It gives us belief and gives everybody around him a lot of confidence when strikers score and are decisive. There is no talk and no video of any coach in the world that can have the same impact."

You can see how Tuchel loves working with Lukaku; he simply can't stop talking about the striker!

And all the praise Romelu is getting is absolutely deserved. He has elevated Chelsea to a new level, a secret ingredient Tuchel had missed.

It is a strange thing to say about someone who has just played 4 games since his arrival but Lukaku is on his way to become a Chelsea legend if he continues like that.
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