10 Most Popular Betting Markets For Football world

10 Most Popular Betting Markets For Football world

If you are on this page its either you are new to betting and is looking for betting options to work with or you are old in the game but is looking for more options to expand your winning rate.

But don't worry sit down take a drink as we take you round on the most popular Betting Markets in football.

The list of betting markets that will open up and become available to you when you start to bet online can often be overwhelming! For there are literally hundreds if not thousands of individual soccer related bets you can place online.

However, below you will find an overview of the most commonly placed bets on soccer matches all over the world, so read on for we are more than confident that several of them will appeal to you!

What Are Betting Markets?
A betting market is simply a selection of odds that any bookmaker, sportsbook or betting site is going to be offering you on their respective betting platforms on one type sports betting opportunity. However, you will often find that there are many sub-categories of betting markets available all of which will have different odds and often different wagering opportunities too!

Markets People Like to Bet On
If you are not that well versed with placing bets and wager on soccer matches, then allow us to introduce to you the following types of betting opportunities. Below are the top 10 different betting markets and wagering opportunities that most soccer fans enjoy placing time and time again.

1/X/2 – An Outright Win Bet is going to be the most readily available soccer bet you can place online. You simply have to predict whether the Home or Away team will win a match or whether the match will end in a Score Draw. When placing such a bet the code for each outcome is as follows: 1 is for the Home Team to win that match, X is for the Draw and 2 covers the Away Team to win.

Accumulators (Accas) – If you are looking for a soccer bet that is quite risky but one that can turn a very small and modest stake into a potentially huge winning payout then consider placing an Accumulator bet. This type of wager will require you to predict the outcomes of more than one soccer match and the winnings and stake from each one rolls over as the stake onto the next match. Get one prediction wrong however and this bet is a losing one!

Anytime Goal Scorer – Every single player that is expected to take to the soccer pitch for each team will have odds associated with then and available in regards to that player scoring a goal at any time in that match. Keep in mind obviously that the most likely players to score will have the lowest odds on offer, so some value can be had if you think the least likely players will score a goal at any time

Asian Handicap – When you make use of an Asian Handicap betting market the teams are handicapped based on their current level of form. As such the underdog will have a certain number of goals head start and the odds will reflect those initial starting goals.

Both Teams to Score – If you think both of the teams playing in any one single soccer match are going to score a goal during that match then consider placing a Both Team to Score bet, for if both teams do score at the very least one goal each that bet will be a winning one.

Correct Score – One hugely popular and often very rewarding bet you can place on a soccer match is a Correct Score bet. This type of soccer bet will see you having to use your skill and judgment to guess the final score of any match when the referee blows the final whistle.

Draw No Bet – A Drawn No Bet wager does actually offer you some excellent and additional betting value, for you will have to decide just which team you think will win a match outright or what the correct score of a match will be. However, if the match ends in a draw then you will be given your stakes back either in cash or as a free bet of the same value!

First Goal Scorer – This type of bet is self explanatory, for you simply have to predict which of the 22 players taking to the pitch is going to be the very first one to score a goal. The odds on each player will reflect their respective chances of doing just that.

Half-time / Full-time – If the odds available on your selected team are a little low in value to win a soccer match then consider placing a Half-time /Full-time wager instead. You will need to predict whether at Half-time and at Full-time the match will end in a Home Win, a Draw or an Away Win, and the odds will be much more generous than an outright win type bet!

Over / Under – One final type of soccer bet that is very popular with players and may keep you interested in a soccer match right up to the dying minutes is an Over / Under bet. When you place such a bet you will have to correctly predict whether to total number of goals scored in a selected match will be higher or lower in number than that displayed on the betting platform.
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