How to Get A Player's Profile Posted and to Appear on Transfermarkt Website

How to Get A Player's Profile Posted and to Appear on Transfermarkt Website

How to Get A Player's Profile Posted and to Appear on Transfermarkt Website

Hello dear, you are welcome to e360hubs. We're here to help you find solution to your football worries. I guess you are a player or a player's manager or even a parent of a growing player and you want to know how the player's profile can appear on the Transfermarkt website.

Rightly, the Transfermarkt website has become increasingly important now-a-days. Club management always search the website to get information on the status of a player (stats, market value, performance records, player's intermediary or TPO and transfer fee set by his or her current club). 

Club management sees the information on Transfermarkt as more accurate than other sources and it helps them to make decisions either to sign the player or to send letter of invitation for try out the player. 

Who can Post or Add New Player's Profile on Transfermarkt? 

We'll, only Moderators and Data Scouts can add a new player's profile on the Transfermarkt website. In general, the website admins only accept players which currently play or played official matches in a competition which is covered in the Transfermarkt database.

Requirements for New Player's to be Added on Transfermarkt

In case of Nigeria, profile of any player registered and currently play or previously played on the various national leagues (NPFL, NNL NWFL) can be added on the Transfermarkt website! 

The several amateur or semi-pro leagues are not recognized by the Transfermarkt admins. However, if the amateur player have been registered and played in the FA (Federations cup as it called in Nigeria) such player's profile can be added on the website. 

How to Find A Moderator or Data Scout to Add A Player's Profile

It is difficult to find who is a Moderator or a Data Scout, unless the person advertise him or herself. But to become a Moderator or Data Scout is just to follow the procedure

The secret is this, Player's Intermediaries, Managers or even parents can register FREE account on Transfermarkt website. Then, they can apply to become either a moderator or a Data Scout, which gives them the right to Add a New player to the site. Player's Intermediaries and managers shouldn't shy away from applying, because from time to time they may need to add any of their new player's profile. 

Finally, I would like a player and their Agent or Manager to study how they can Register, Apply and be involved in the various areas of Transfermarkt operations and contributions.

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