Cech breaks down how 'new manager bounce' occurs at clubs

Cech breaks down how 'new manager bounce' occurs at clubs

"We have a saying in Czech: ‘the new broom sweeps better’," Cech said in his column for chelseafc.com.

"It’s always tricky when you play teams with a new manager. That’s what our next opponents Manchester United will be hoping for on Sunday: when you get a change of manager, you always have a reaction.

"Suddenly, everybody starts from the same spot again. The new manager brings new ideas, about the team, about the tactics, about the strategy, but only when he gets involved in training does he start choosing his team.

"Even if it’s only the manager who has left, and everyone else has stayed in place, you still get the sense of a fresh start."

Considering that Thomas Tuchel has completed 50 games at Chelsea now, his success is way beyond 'new manager bounce'.

If the Blues can continue the way they've started the season, the biggest trophies could be making their way to Stamford Bridge.

Source: chelseafc.com
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