Chiellini Reveals Discussing European Super League With President Andrea Agnelli


Chiellini Reveals Discussing European Super League With President Andrea Agnelli

Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini reveals he has been discussing the European Super League with President Andrea Agnelli ‘for a few years now,’ while Serie A has ‘some teams that are in the way.’

The defender is one of the few players who has come out publicly in favour of the Super League project, which was announced and then evaporated within 48 hours.

Only Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona still stand by the project, with adjustments to prevent it being a closed-off invitation-only tournament.

“I’ve been talking to the President for a few years now about this,” Chiellini told DAZN Italia.

“The future of football is increasingly towards a European approach compared to national leagues. A player at Juve’s level wants to play those games, with all due respect. Athletes of our level, but also perhaps the fans, want to see more of these European level fixtures.

“We have reached the point of no return. Institutions, clubs and players must meet to reform the calendar and create new competitions to relaunch this sport, which remains the most beautiful in the world, but can also be improved.

“In the USA, who are masters of this sort of thing, they created Super Leagues in every sport.”

Reforming the calendars also means cutting down the number of domestic fixtures and Chiellini agrees with the current FIGC approach of reducing Serie A from 20 teams to 18.

“There are some Serie A teams who are in the way. We really ought to go back to 16 teams, but I think 18 would allow the league to be more competitive and give extra space to European level fixtures.”

Some of Chiellini’s ideas are rather less forward-thinking and embracing of the future.

“Even if we romantics want to abolish VAR, remove offside or bring back the back-pass to the goalkeeper, the world is moving forward and we mustn’t be against change.

“I think it’s essential we all manage to sit down and discuss how to improve football, because the situation is getting unsustainable for everyone and the fans can tell.”

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