REVEALED: 69% Of Manchester United Fans Want Solskjaer Sacked


REVEALED: 69% of Manchester United fans want Solskjaer to be sacked
REVEALED: 69% Of Manchester United Fans Want Solskjaer Sacked

Manchester United became a favorite for many after the summer transfer window concluded in their favor. With recent acquisitions of Cristiano Ronaldo, Jadon Sancho, and Raphaël Varane combined for £126 million, the Red Devils looked unbeatable.

However, the results of this team under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer have so far not gone according to the general expectations. 

A large percentage of pundits and fans believe that the team is suffering due to the inefficient management skills of the manager himself.

A new poll conducted by The Athletic surveyed over 4,000 fans and asked them their opinion about the manager. The results revealed that 69% of Manchester United fans want the manager to be gone immediately.

But Solskjaer, exceptionally, remains in charge despite the humiliation suffered against Liverpool, which was followed by their recent derby loss against Manchester City.

Manchester United fans don't want Solskjaer

Manchester United became a favorite for many after the summer

The first question asked to the fans was whether Solskjaer has done 'a good job' or 'a terrible job' since taking over from José Mourinho. 51% voted that he has done 'a good job,' 4% said he had done 'an excellent job,' while a mere 1% said it was 'a terrible job.'

The second question was about Solskjaer's current performance. 47% voted he was doing 'a bad job' and 44% believed he was doing 'a terrible job' with a marginal 1% accounting for 'a good job.' So it means that 91% of fans believe that he is currently doing a bad job or worse.

Next, they asked about what Solskjaer’s biggest challenge is. 67% said he lacks tactical awareness, with 29% saying he does not possess enough quality in terms of coaching. A mere 4% is still unsatisfied with the squad that the manager currently has.

The final question put up for the vote was would they like to see Solskjaer leave immediately? 69% of fans agreed to it. Others were keen on giving the manager a bit more time (13%) or until the end of the season (15%). Only 3% backed the manager to remain for the long term.

Why is Solskjaer still not sacked?

Solskjaer's guardian angels are protecting him from the sack during his ongoing Manchester United tenure. For any other manager, a string of bad results, reccurring bad performances with lack of creativity or noticeable improvement would pretty much wrap up their stint.

The Norwegian manager has also been reported to have lost the dressing room due to his own accord. Despite all this, Solskjaer remains in control, as he is a bonafide legend for Manchester United. He has always found support through his former teammates, who are also club legends. With an elite company rooting for him, he remains favorable with the board to get chances after chances to prove himself.

It is evident that if Manchester United do not exercise their right to replace the manager, they won't achieve their aspirations. Currently residing in sixth place, it all looks a bit disorganized for the Red Devils. The manager is out of his depth in managing a squad that is more than capable of winning something significant.

The team should be doing better with the backing and freedom that the manager has from the board. It's Manchester United's loss if they stall the inevitable for long. A highly decorated manager like Antonio Conte was meticulously plucked by Tottenham just as Manchester United put him on hold to reassess Solskjaer.

Source: Sportskeeda

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