Spartak Moscow poke fun at Barcelona & Dortmund after Champions League struggle

Spartak Moscow poke fun at Barcelona & Dortmund after Champions League struggle

Spartak Moscow have one of the most interactive and fun social media pages and they have continued to poke good fun at Barcelona's expense this season. They've also been able to add Dortmund to the list.

The Catalan side have had a difficult run in the Champions League, scoring only two goals in five matches so far. They need to beat Bayern at the Allianz Arena to stand a chance of qualifying for the knockout stages.

Dortmund have also had a Champions League campaign to forget, getting battered from pillar to post. They have been knocked out in the group stages.

Spartak qualified for the knockout stages of the Europa league on Wednesday night. It was the same night Barcelona and Dortmund were nearly sentenced to the Europa league knockout stages.

The Spark Moscow Twitter Admin wasted no time and put out the following tweet:

Barcelona are adapting to a season where they have lost players like Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann due to dire financial difficulties at the club. Dortmund, on the other hand, have struggled for form and with injuries this season in the Champions League and will be lucky to snag a 3rd place finish.

Spartak Moscow notably joked about Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram temporarily going offline by taking a dig at Barcelona earlier:

A cheeky dig from Spartak although Barca are still alive in the Champions League. However, both sides might end up chasing the same trophy if Barcelona's fight at the Allianz Arena goes badly.
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