Why ensuring your sportsbook is fully regulated is huge for online safety

Why ensuring your sportsbook is fully regulated is huge for online safety

Online gambling has become increasingly popular over the past decade, especially when it comes 
It is suggested that approximately 20% of the global population participate in online gambling in one way or another. According to Yahoo Finance, the gambling market will continue to grow significantly for years to come. It is predicted that by the end of 2021, the global online gambling market will be worth $72.02bn. 
However, if you are looking to get into online betting, you should be aware that not all sportsbook sites are legitimate. This could mean you end up losing cash, with no potential of earning any.   
Before placing online bets, make sure you do your homework. Safety and security checks should be your main priority. 

Is online sports betting safe? 

It is understandable that many people are concerned about the safety of betting online. There have been 
reports of people’s funds miraculously disappearing, complaints of wagers not being honoured and stories of unfair terms and conditions being implemented. 
However, the good news is that these reports are infrequent and the chance of being scammed by an online sportsbook site is relatively low. 
Read further to find out how you can bet online safely. 

What makes a safe online sportsbook? 

When deciding on an online sportsbook, you should do your research to make sure the betting site you’ve chosen meets the following criteria: 

Licensed and regulated by a reputable gambling authority

If an online sportsbook cannot prove they are licensed and regulated, this is a major red flag and you should avoid them entirely. If a site doesn’t have a licence, it means there are no rules or regulations that they are obliged to follow, which means they are more likely to be an unsafe option. 
When an online sportsbook qualifies for a licence, they are required to meet a strict set of measures relating to safety, security and fair business practices. So, by confirming the online sportsbook you wish to use is licenced, you will be protecting yourself from using a dodgy site that has the potential to steal your cash.  
Using a trusted resource such as BetFromAfrica.com is a good place to start. 

They already have a good reputation 

By using a company with an established history and proven track record, you can be confident in the 
knowledge that you’re using a legitimate site.   

No recent complaints  

A simple Google search should reveal whether a sportsbook site has any recent complaints. If a website only has one or two complaints but the rest of the comments are positive, then you know you are probably in safe hands. However, if a site has many recent negative reviews or complaints, you will know to steer clear completely.  

Positive comments from reputable sources 

Check out what the experts are saying. If more than one expert is recommending a specific site, then you can pretty much guarantee it is legitimate. No expert would want their name attached to an untrustworthy site. 

Check the site has SSL encryption 

SSL stands for Security Sockets Layer. It is a security protocol that creates an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser. Legitimate companies use SSL encryption to ensure secure online transactions.  

Offer a variety of payment methods 

If an online sportsbook only accepts PayPal or some form of cryptocurrency, then keep well away. A licensed sportsbook will offer you a variety of payment methods. The options may include PayPal and cryptocurrencies, but they shouldn’t be the only options – you should also have the choice of a credit or debit card transaction.

Top tips for gambling safely 

1. Check whether your online sportsbook has a licence. You can also check whether they use a 
third-party auditor, for extra protection.

2. When placing bets, never use free or public wifi networks. Only ever use secure wifi connections.

3. Turn off your Bluetooth service. Leaving your Bluetooth radio on can leave you open to unwanted connections. 

4. Make sure you use a strong password for any online betting sites. Choose something nobody else can 
guess and be sure to change it regularly. 

Final thoughts 

Unfortunately, online scams do exist. But the good news is that when you’re looking for them, they are generally quite easy to spot. So, with a bit of pre-betting diligence and an appropriate level of research, your betting journey should be nothing but smooth sailing.   
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