Barca vs Sevilla Opinion

Barca vs Sevilla Opinion

High intensity game in Seville ending in a 1-1 draw. Both teams are amongst favourites in Europa league too. Barca are now 7th in league and Sevilla are holding their second position firmly challenging the league leaders Real Madrid.

It's true that Blaugranas couldn't win against 10 men Sevilla side. But the media needs to go easy on Barca, this is not 2009 Barca playing. Undoubtedly Sevilla are in better position, they have more balanced team and great coach. 

Sevilla are literally amongst title contenders. But, the media is again bringing negativity and making it look like Barca didn't play good. The fact is Barca had 23 shots and 59% possession in an away game against in form Sevilla side. 

Sevilla too plays possesion football but Xavi's men were dominant enough to not let them play their style. Abde, Jutlga, Gavi, Eric, Araujo Barca is literally playing a big game in league with these inexperienced players and to make it even better they were as usual phenomenon in their performance. 

Barca might be having tough season but guess what? Barca are very close to getting top 4, probably after 2-3 matchday the club will be in top 4 and about Europa league it's not a competition made for a big club like Barca but Chelsea, Liverpool, Juventus, Atletico like clubs played Europa and have done great in UCL later. The media is so negative towards Barca that they can't point out the important players that are injured.

 This match against Sevilla has proven that we are still in the game and there's a way to go this season. Remember, previous season we were not doing consistently but after new year we became title contenders and we're close to win the league too. Let's hope something like that happens this year too. 

Last but not the least, Barca is not dead or finished. A finished club is that doesn't have any future plans. Ac Milan downfall was because they didn't have proper future plans  and after their legends left they didn't have a team to compete but Barca is completely opposite, the team is youth studded and these youngsters are getting a lot to learn that will help in future. Under a president like Laporta we know he won't let the young talents leave the club easily. 

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