Full Xavi press conference ahead of Barcelona vs Elche Game 2021

Xavi press conference ahead of Barcelona vs Elche Game

The Fc Barcelona coach has given his press conference ahead of Barca la liag clash with Elche and here are the things the boss discussed.

Xavi: "Tomorrow is the last game of the year at the Camp Nou, we need the warmth of the fans. We are on the right track and I feel that we have to be positive watching training. Tomorrow is a day to take a step forward."

Xavi: "Dembélé? I am positive with him again. He says that he wants to continue, that he is happy here and I cannot say much more. It is a matter of agreeing with his representative. He knows about the importance he will have if he stays."

Xavi: "It is clear that the results are not helping, but we are working well, we have to trust. We lack important players, but it is no excuse. Tomorrow we have a test against Elche to dominate the game."

Xavi: "Both Jordi Alba and Dembélé are available."

Xavi: "The team needs a victory to consolidate what we are working on. I sincerely tell you that we are working well. We need a victory to change the dynamics and finish the year well."

Xavi: "Eric? Éric  will start in many games. It depends on the game we have, I count on all the players, I think everyone has had opportunities and we need them all. Eric is going to play and he is going to be important."

Xavi: "Some players find it difficult to understand the positional game, which is surprising being at Barça."

Xavi: "At the moment we have a difficult economic situation and it will not be easy to strengthen the team."

Xavi: "Having Haaland in La Liga is of interest to all of us, Tebas the first, whether at Barça or at other teams."
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