'It's the toughest opponent we could've gotten': Toni Kroos on PSG draw

'It's the toughest opponent we could've gotten': Toni Kroos on PSG draw

"I hope no more surprises are left. I hope I am in time with this comment. It's a very interesting opponent for the next round. I think the toughest that we could have faced from the five possible opponents," Toni Kroos has said on the PSG draw.

"We are looking forward to these games, a lot of quality on the pitch. Let's see what happens, but in the end, we are Real Madrid and we always look forward to these kinds of games with a lot of confidence to reach the quarterfinals.

"I think the most important now is to forget this because we are doing extremely well at the moment. That's the league and there are a lot of games before we play the Champions League.

"The most important is to keep going with the next two games before Christmas. To keep winning all the points, to get closer to our goals at the end of the season [which is] to win the title. That's the most important, we focus on this and the Champions League when it's time."

As a reminder, Real Madrid were initially paired with Benfica for the UCL round of 16. However, the draw was redone due to a technical problem, and the Whites ended up with PSG.

The games will be played in February-March 2022.

Source: KroosXtra @ Twitter
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