Leeds boss Marcelo Bielsa: I know I could be sacked

Leeds boss Marcelo Bielsa: I know I could be sacked

Leeds United boss Marcelo Bielsa accepts his job is under threat.

Bielsa needs a response from his players against Arsenal after their 7-0 thrashing by Manchester City.

Bielsa said: "I never think it's good to promise, and the views being transmitted [by pundits] I don't know how to interpret. After a big defeat, you're very sensitive but to say that I've taken them as far as I can is to say it's a closed cycle. Is that how you've interpreted what the fans want?

"What do you interpret from those pundits that make you ask this question? Why would you ask this question? If those people are saying I've taken the team as far as I can, does that mean you think the cycle is over?

"Of course, I'm going to continue fighting until the end of the season. If you listened to what I said before, I feel that upon adversity you always have to fight. Having said that, I will fight until the end of the season without any doubts.

"And I hope that nothing happens that doesn't allow me to do this. I'm not so vain that I think I can't be sacked. You think that after suffering a defeat 7-0, you think I can discard the instability?

"Of course, the job of a coach is not stable. I don't have anything special about me that makes me immune to this characteristic."
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