FT. Granada 1-1 Barcelona: Highlight, reactions, stats, ratings

FT. Granada 1-1 Barcelona: Highlight, reactions, stats, ratings

⏱️ 90+: Barca go all-in but clearly lack men upfront. Ter Stegen misplaces a pass which ends in a dangerous opportunity for Granada.

doxqwae (Reddit): "This one is on Xavi I'm afraid. Gavi was fouling constantly with a yellow and he didn't take him off."

⚽ 89': Goal. Puertas levels the score as he's left alone at the far post following a corner.

TrusikiLosini (Twitter): "This problem is already 6 years old and has not been solved yet. It feels like no one cares that we missed the most in Europe after the set pieces last season."

⏱️ 81-85': Ter Stegen catches a shot from outside the box. Barca are finding it difficult to get out of their own half. Granada win a set piece; a cross follows but the header goes wide.

MarcelSimply (Twitter): "Gavi bro... Calm down sometimes man. This is the one thing he needs to learn to control... To rash sometimes."

_Tonto_ (Reddit): "Ter Stegen MOTM today, without him we wouldn't be winning."

๐Ÿ”„ Sub: Sanz ON | Dembele OFF

๐ŸŸจ Pique, Abde booked

๐ŸŸฅ Gavi sent off

⏱️ 76-80': Abde runs away on a counter but his curler misses the target. Gavi's late tackle leads to another yellow and he's off.

kevvwill (Twitter): "Pique earning his 2.5m today. A battleship in the back."

⏱️ 71-75': Abde enters the box and sends a driven cross but it's booted away. Great tackle by Dani Alves to block a shot from Granada. The Andalusians are more active upfront now.

Carles5Puyol (Twitter): "What a phenomenon, Dani Alves."

taqete (Reddit): "Alves still the best RB in the world after all these years. Yoda had to take matters in his own hands to maintain order in the universe!"

๐ŸŸจ Memphis booked

⏱️ 66-70': Barca loanee Collado comes on for Granada. The home side try to build from the back but Barca aren't allowing any chances so far.

turtlemons (Reddit): "This Alba is clearly carrying an injury. Never have I seen him refuse to run. There is hesitation in him moving too much, not his game to be this static."

⏱️ 58-65': Granada respond with a cross of their own but Molina misses the target. Despite being 1-0 up, the Catalans manage to retain possession and are actually attacking. Dani sends another cross but Luuk is no longer there.

DanielSophoran (Reddit): "Luuk de Jong will unironically go down as a good signing if he keeps this form up."

FCBClev10 (Twitter): "No way Koeman signed Luuk to utilise him for headers and Xavi is doing better than him at that. Some said he was a worse coach than Koeman"

๐Ÿ”„ Subs: Abde, Memphis IN | Jutgla, De Jong OUT

⚽ 57': GOAL! Luuk's header goes in after a great cross from Dani Alves.

fuxkalba (Twitter): "Finally a right back that can cross the fackin ball."

SizzleDOesNotGiveA (Reddit): "Wow so Luuk redemption arc isn't a joke, also assist Alves wtf is going on."

HSPBNQC (Reddit): "Imagine telling someone at the beginning of the season that Dani Alves would assist Luuk De Jong on a beautiful header…"

๐ŸŸจ Lenglet booked.

๐Ÿ”„ Sub: Lenglet IN | Garcia OUT

⏱️ 51-55': Barca get a corner and Pique puts his header wide. Eric injures himself as he tries to clear a ball away.

Razor732103 (Reddit): "Just when Eric was having a good game, he got an injury.FFS."

⏱️ 46-50': Two shots from Granada but both too poor to trouble our keeper. Yet another long shot from Dembele, it's wide again. Great backheel pass from Nico to set him up, tho.

ewankenobi (Reddit): "Football has developed so many stats since I started watching it. I'd like to see a total distance of how far off target poor shots a player had were. Suspsect if it was tracked Dembele would have set a record tonight."

⏰ Second half!

๐Ÿ“ Here are our half-time ratings:

Impressed: Nico 8, Luuk de Jong 7.5, Gavi 7.5, Eric Garcia 7.5

Good/decent: Ter Stegen 7, Pique 7, Jordi Alba 6.5, Jutgla 6.5, Busquets 6

Poor: Dani Alves 5.5, Dembele 3

✍️ Brief summary of the game so far:

Xavi's men started well, getting the ball under control from the get-go and attacking the goal. Luuk de Jong actually scored with a header but it was ruled out for offside on Gavi, the one to assist him.

Barca had another decent chance as the striker sent the ball just over the bar with a scorpion kick. Other than that, the Catalans were restricted to shots from outside the box, with all of them badly off target.

Granada had a few chances of their own, attacking mostly through the left flank, with Dani Alves and Dembele proving a rather poor defensive pair. Their biggest chance of the game came after a blunder from Busquets, but Ter Stegen reacted quickly enough to keep the score level.

⏰ Half time!

⏱️ 41-45': Out of desperation, Eric Garcia takes a shot from far away but it is blocked. Granada defending in a low block, crowding the area in front of their penalty box.

Blayasensat (Twitter): "Dani Alves explains something to you in each gesture, in each movement he teaches you something that you did not know. Then you look at Dembele and you don't understand anything, but it brings you closer to the goal."

selgath (Reddit): "They’re doing well to restrict us to long shots, very disciplined defense and have already generated a few dangerous occasions. Credit to Robert Moreno."

⏱️ 36-40': Jutgla takes a shot from outside the box and skies it. Dembele does exactly the same minutes later. The only positive is that Barca have regained possession.

TheGeniusArvind (Reddit): "Abde should come for jutgla in next half. Abde will be useful in breaking the low block, by just dribbling through them."

brilliantbusi (Twitter): "Eric Garcia is brilliant. Some Barรงa fans won’t give him enough credit cause some man city fans said he isn’t good enough."

⏱️ 31-35': Gonalons' attempted long-shot goes wide. Gavi beats the last man but the keeper comes out in time to intercept the ball.

Smooth_Newspaper7988 (Reddit): "I feel Dani Alves is a liability. Too slow to defend too slow to contribute to attack."

NealGardner_ (Twitter): "Nico’s just so bloody strong in possession, it’s so difficult to shake him off the ball—already an elite ball-carrier!"

⏱️ 26-30': First shot on target by Granada is saved by Ter Stegen. The home side have upped the intensity and the Catalans are finding it hard to build strings of passes.

PdastDC (Reddit): "That's my biggest heartburn with Gavi - he is EXTRA aggressive off the ball. I am assuming that part of his game will get polished as he plays more and with experience."

talkfcb_ (Twitter): "Big save from ter Stegen! Had to get down quickly for that one."

⏱️ 21-25': Dembele sends De Jong through with a pass but the Dutchman loses the ball. Ter Stegen misplaced a pass which leads to a shot from Granada, but the defenders are quick enough to block it. Ousmane's shot from outside the box goes wide.

TacticoModerno (Twitter): "Dembele is such a funny player. He'll miss control the ball and give it away in the dumbest ways possible, but then he'll take on 2 or 3 players and play brilliant pass all in the span of a couple of minutes."

muhhammadbutt (Twitter): "Dani Alves is gonna be a liability in 1-v-1 situations defensively but he takes up DUMB GOOD positions in attack. did it twice just then."

๐ŸŸจ Gavi booked.

⏱️ 16-20': Luuk's scorpion kick goes just over the bar. Dembele enters the penalty box but his cross is blocked. Barca win their first corner of the match but fail to deliver it.

Isco_23 (Reddit): "Fam, Xavi has fed Luuk de Jong some damn confidence, love to see it."

TheRoyNextDoor (Twitter): "Dani Alves has gone from Lionel Messi exchanging delightful 1-2s with him to seeing Ousmane Dembele running his walled pass beyond the line with a heavy touch. Fair enough."

⏱️ 11-15': Barca continue dominating the ball but cannot create anything of substance. Dembele loses two balls in the space of a few minutes.

dannyskeepwalker (Reddit): "I wish there would be a little bit of leeway in favour of attackers if the lines are very close. These tight calls are not what the offside rule was originally created for."

⏱️ 6-10': Dani loses the ball which leads to a counter but corrects his mistake. Luuk scores with a header but it's ruled out for an offside on Gavi in the build-up.

hazfcb_ (Twitter): "This is rigged for Benzema to win the Pichichi over Luuk."

M-3-R-C-U-R-Y (Reddit): "Luuk is doing what he was bought to do."

⏱️ 1-5': Granada start strong and win a set piece, although the follow-up cross goes out of play. Jutgla sends a cross into the box but not Barca player can get to it.

notactualrest (Reddit): "Pretty crazy that 38 y.o. Dani Alves is not the oldest starting player, but Granada's Jorge Molina with 39 y.o."

⏰ Kick-off!

๐Ÿ‘‰ Starting XI reminder

Barcelona XI: Ter Stegen - Alves, Pique, Garcia, Alba - Busquets, Nico, Gavi - Dembele, L. de Jong, Jutgla.

Granada XI: Maximiano - Quini, Diaz, Torrente, Neva - Puertas, Milla, Gonalons, Suarez - Molina, Machis.

๐Ÿ‘‹Hello Cules! Welcome to Tribuna.com's live coverage of the La Liga match between Granada and Barcelona. What are your thoughts ahead of the clash? Let's hear them in the comments๐Ÿ‘‡
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