List of Real Madrid European Trophies 2020/21, 2019-20, 2017-18.

List of Real Madrid European Trophies 2020/21, 2019-20, 2017-18.

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Based in Madrid, Spain, Real Madrid is the most successful European team in the history of football. This La Liga outfit has won a record Thirteen (13) European trophies; more than any other team. This winning started in 1958 when the club first participated in European competitions; though they represented Spain (being La Liga champions that time) in the Latin cup tournament which lasted from 1949 to 1957.

Nevertheless, Real Madrid is not just one of the richest football clubs - they also have a wealthy trophy cabinet. Do you want to know them? Read on for more information.

Quick Fun Facts About Real Madrid 
  • Real Madrid is home to "Santiago Bernabeau", one of Spain's largest and most prestigious football stadiums.
  • Real Madrid has won a Record of Thirteen Champions League trophies - more than any other team in the history of the competition.
  • Portuguese Super Star; Christian Ronaldo has scored 114 international goals for the Blancos. The Manchester United legend is the club's international highest goal scorer.
  • Real Madrid has won the Super Cup four (4) times.
  • With total match appearances of 162, the retired Spanish Goal Keeper; Iker Casillas has featured the most in matches for Real Madrid; more than Sergio Ramos and Christiano Ronaldo.
  • Real Madrid remains the only European team to win the Champions League trophy five consecutive times (1956-1960).
Latin Cup 
The Latin Cup came to life In 1949 - When the FIFA of Spain, Portugal, Italy, and France joined forces to bring it to reality. At that time, there was not much money in football so many European clubs couldn't afford the transport so they gave " a go-ahead" for the competition to be launched.

It was hosted in a single nation - and coupled with backing from FIFA, it gain prestige and popularity. By nature, it was a game of 2 semi-finals, a third-place play-off and a final. 

Real Madrid qualified for the Latin Cup in 1955 by virtue of being La Liga Champions. The ball is defeated by Reims by 2-0 in the final to win the competition - after also winning Belenenses with the same scoreline in the semi-final.

After winning the tournament in 1955, Real Madrid did it again in 1957 - this time around, they edge out Benefica of Portugal by 1-0; having also done same to Milan of Italy with the same scoreline. 

Nevertheless, the introduction of the European Cup saw the Latin Cup being scrapped out as FIFA redrew interest and sponsorship.

Champions League 
Real Madrid football club is the "king" of the UEFA European Champions League. It has won the competition for a record Thirteen (13) times, more than any other team in the history of European football. The blancos began the journey in 1956 - winning the competition in chain from that year to 1960 - no team have done this. 

Real Madrid went ahead to win the 1966 version of the UEFA Champions League. After this period, the Spanish professional football club couldn't win the trophy again till 1998; after which they won the 2000 version of the competition.

The Spanish team went ahead to win the 2000 UEFA Champions League before winning it again in 2014. From 2016-2018, Real Madrid performed a treble on the prestigious Europan tournament. Nevertheless, listed below is the summary of the years the club has won the UEFA Champions League:
  • 1956
  • 1957
  • 1958
  • 1959
  • 1960
  • 1966
  • 1998
  • 2000
  • 2002
  • 2014
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2022
Europa League 
Being a Champions League super house, Real Madrid are less visitors of the Europa League. Nevertheless, the club has made an impression in its few appearances. 

Real Madrid has won the Europa League for two consecutive times (1985-1986).

Super Cup
Super Cup is a final that is played between the two (2) best teams in Europe - Champions League winner and Europa League winner. Having won the 2002 version of the UEFA Champions League, the Blancos proceed to win the 2002 Super Cup.

The Spanish football club also lifted the 2014 super cup trophy. During 2016-2018, when Real Madrid performed a treble on the European Champions League, they won the Super for two consecutive times 
2016 and 2017 - before losing the 2018 edition of the tournament to Athletico Madrid; who won by a scoreline of 4-2 after extra time (AET). they also won the 2022 edition against Frankfurt

FIFA Club World Cup
Real Madrid also has their own fair share of the FIFA Club World Cup. The Spanish have won the tournament four times (4). It first won the competition in 2014 before proceeding to perform a treble-winning the tournament between 2016 to
2018 (similar to what they did in Champions League).

Intercontinental Cup
In terms of intercontinental trophies, Real Madrid also has bragging rights. They have won the intercontinental cup for three (3) times - 1960, 1998, and 2002.

Aside from being one of the richest football clubs in the world, Real Madrid is has won the most European trophies; more than any other team. Let's hear from you in the comments section.

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