'It's not personal': Head of PSG Ultras explains why fans booed Lionel Messi and Neymar

'It's not personal': Head of PSG Ultras explains why fans booed Lionel Messi and Neymar

Newly-elected president of PSG Ultras - better known as Collectif Ultras Paris - Romain Mabille has touched upon why Lionel Messi and Neymar were booed by the Parc des Princes faithful this season.

In an interview with France Bleu, Mabille explained: "I think it’s not personal against the players, but for what they represent.

"This club piles up stars with big salaries on the pitch, and it works more or less well.

"Example, with Neymar, we can see that on the pitch, he doesn’t give back what we give him.

"We watch Brazil’s matches, and we see what he is doing in Paris, and it’s been frustrating. The Neymar we have in Paris is not the real Neymar!"

The ultras remain at loggerheads with the PSG management as Mabille continued: "We remain on the same attitude as the previous matches for the simple reason that nothing has changed since our claims.

"There is no communication at the club level that has been made. No steps towards us, no announcements, no questioning.

"At the player level, none of them have come to us. us to discuss or apologize. We made a press release with demands: nothing has changed at the level of the club’s management.

"We do not feel the club’s desire to move things forward. We remain convinced of the good – based on our claims, and we remain in our positions because we believe that what we are asking for is only the best for the club.

"And as a representative of the stands, we cannot be satisfied with the current situation."

Messi and Neymar were booed by fans every time they touched the ball following PSG's shocking exit from the Champions League.

Source: France Bleu
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