Klopp: 'Nations League One Of The Most 'RIDICULOUS' Idea In World Of Football'


Klopp: 'Nations League One Of The Most 'RIDICULOUS' Idea In World Of Football'

Jurgen Klopp has revealed his conversation with the UEFA president about the recent Champions League final ticket controversy.

“He, I think, made the same explanation that he gave publicly.

“What is it, 93 per cent of the money goes to the clubs and UEFA only gets a few euros?

“I replied and said ‘OK, that’s one of these situations where it’s better to have more information before you give answers’.

“The only problem is I cannot be constantly prepared for this kind of thing, but I still have an opinion. So it’s fine, I will try to clarify that, that’s what I do now.”

He went on to criticize the unnecessary Nations League tournament started by UEFA in recent years, talking about the effects on players playing those additional games.

“I said as well in this conversation, the reason why I’m not in such a good mood when I speak about UEFA and stuff like this is because of the Nations League,” Klopp continued.

“I still think that’s one of the most ridiculous ideas in the world of football.

“Because now we finish a season where players played more than 70 games easily – so just club games, 63, 64, plus internationals goes in the direction of 75, which is mad – and we continue with Nations League games.

“There is no tournament, [so they say] ‘who cares, then we play four, five, six or whatever games with the national teams’. So I said that’s the real reason.

“I would prefer UEFA to take more money from the Champions League final and kick out the Nations League again. That would be my preferred solution again – and more tickets for the people anyway.

“I read maybe I still don’t have all the information, but I cannot do more than say my opinion.”

Source: Tribunal

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