Luis Suarez Admits being Poorly Treated By Atletico Madrid

Luis Suarez Admits being Poorly Treated By Atletico Madrid

Luis Suarez Admits He Feels Poorly Treated By Atletico Madrid

Suarez told El Larguero: "I would have liked to continue, I had a role to which I was not accustomed, but which I had accepted. Rafa Alique (Atlético's communications director) told me that they were going to organise a goodbye for me, but I did not know that I was not going to stay. I said to myself: 'Well, at least someone from the club told me something. But I hadn't spoken about it with El Cholo (Diego Simeone), nor with (Andrea) Berta or Miguel Angel (Gil Marin). They could have told me before.

“I am still in Madrid, we are waiting for the children to finish school and then I will make the best decision to stay at the top level, a requirement to go to the World Cup. You want me to say something. I swear I haven't decided yet, there are a lot of options, a lot of proposals and my brother-in-law told me that they are going to drive me crazy, that they write to me a lot, I take the decision alone.

“China, Qatar, Saudi Arabia…it's not in my head yet. You laugh because there are people who tell you 'it would be an offer...', but I'm not thinking about the money, Europe is what attracts me the most. They call you from South America, from Brazil, from Mexico, from Argentina... Honestly, my mentality is for the competitive level here, my head is here. I have received proposals from teams (from Spain) and I am analysing them. I don't ask to play, I want to analyse the project."

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