Past Winners of The Portuguese Primeira Liga (1934-2022)

Past Winners of The Portuguese Primeira Liga (1934-2022)

Past Winners of The Portuguese Primeira Liga? What teams are the past winners of the Primeira Liga? who has won the most Portuguese league titles? Portuguese league winners list?

A Brief History

The Portuguese top tier league popularly known as the Primeira Liga  was founded in the year 1934. And the league was at first  experimental league.

The Portuguese Primeira Liga has since It's establishment had the total of 71 teams vie for the Trophy,  but only five teams out of the 71 teams have been able to lift the Trophy.

Amidst the five teams who have lifted the Trophy are the now known big three of Primeira Liga namely : Sporting Lisbon Benfica, Sporting CP and FC Porto. And after the 2013-14 season the the Portuguese Elite League has consisted of 18 teams each season.

The Portuguese Primeira Liga (2020-2021)
Winners -Sporting CP

The Primeira Liga 2020/21 season was won by Sporting CP which was their 19th Primeira Liga crown nearly two decades after they last lifted the title in the 2001/02 season.

Due to the delayed end of the previous season caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020–21 Primeira Liga began later than usual, on 18 September 2020, and ended on 19 May 2021.

It was also the same season where all stadiums in the league were allowed to have full capacity crowds after the final third of the 2019–20 season and the entire 2020–21 season were held with limited or no attendance due to restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic in Portugal.

 It was also the first time another team won the league other than Benfica or Porto in 19 years.

The Portuguese Primeira Liga (2019-2020)
winners - FC Porto

The 2019–20 Primeira Liga season was  the 86th edition of the Portuguese Primeira Liga, And FC Porto won this edition after defeating Sporting CP with two games to spare. 

The 2019/20 season victory meant that FC  Porto has  won the league 29 times 8 shy of Benfica's 37. 

 Below are the list of the past winners of the Primeira Liga starting from the 1934 season it was founded to the 2020/21 season.

Team With Most Primeira Liga titles

Team With Most Primeira Liga trophies? Which team has won more Liga titles in Portugal? Well, SL Benfica has won more Primeira titles than other team with 37 followed by FC Porto with 29.

Sporting CP1921
Vitória de Setúbal-1

Full List of the Past Winners of The Portuguese Primeira Liga

2022FC Porto
2021Sporting CP
2020FC Porto
2019SL Benfica
2018FC Porto
2017SL Benfica
2016SL Benfica
2015SL Benfica
2014SL Benfica
2013FC Porto
2012FC Porto
2011FC Porto
2010SL Benfica
2009FC Porto
2008FC Porto
2007FC Porto
2006FC Porto
2005SL Benfica
2004FC Porto
2003FC Porto
2002Sporting CP
2000Sporting CP
1999FC Porto
1998FC Porto
1997FC Porto
1996FC Porto
1995FC Porto
1994SL Benfica
1993FC Porto
1992FC Porto
1991SL Benfica
1990FC Porto
1989SL Benfica
1988FC Porto
1987SL Benfica
1986FC Porto
1985FC Porto
1984SL Benfica
1983SL Benfica
1982Sporting CP
1981SL Benfica
1980Sporting CP
1979FC Porto
1978FC Porto
1977SL Benfica
1976SL Benfica
1975SL Benfica
1974Sporting CP
1973SL Benfica
1972SL Benfica
1971SL Benfica
1970Sporting CP
1969SL Benfica
1968SL Benfica
1967SL Benfica
1966Sporting CP
1965SL Benfica
1964SL Benfica
1963SL Benfica
1962Sporting CP
1961SL Benfica
1960SL Benfica
1959FC Porto
1958Sporting CP
1957SL Benfica
1956FC Porto
1955SL Benfica
1954Sporting CP
1953Sporting CP
1952Sporting CP
1951Sporting CP
1950SL Benfica
1949Sporting CP
1948Sporting CP
1947Sporting CP
1946Os Belenenses
1945SL Benfica
1944Sporting CP
1943SL Benfica
1942SL Benfica
1941Sporting CP
1940FC Porto
1939FC Porto
1938Sporting CP
1937FC Porto
1936Sporting CP
1935SL Benfica
1934Sporting CP

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