Pique: Mourinho Ruined Relationships In Spanish National Team While Coaching Madrid


Pique: Mourinho Ruined Relationship In Spanish National Team While Coaching Madrid

"Mourinho got into the heads of the Real Madrid players. Mou used to tell them: 'These guys (Barca players) hate you, and they believed him," Gerard Pique said in his interview with Sky Bet.

"Once I went with the Spanish National Team in the Mou Era, I told Casillas: 'Hey Iker, what's up?' And he did not talk to me.

"During Euro 2012 it was the worst moment of the Mourinho-Pep rivalry. The Madrid and Barca players had to agree to be able to play together.

"Xavi and Iker were very close friends and it came to a point that they didn't even talk to each other.”

Mourinho was Real Madrid's manager for three years. He won the league and the Copa del Rey in 2011.

Can we believe Pique though?

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