All Time past Italian Serie A Winners, Top scorers 1898-2022 (HONOURS LIST)

All Time past Italian Serie A Winners, Top scorers 1898-2022 (HONOURS LIST)

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All Time past Italian Serie A Winners List Revealed (HONOURS LIST)

List of The Italian Serie A Winners (1898-2022) and Top scorers each season, Italian Serie A winners last 10 years 2012-2022, All Time Champions Since Inception 1898 Til Date 2022, Italian Serie A winners last 10 years 2012-2022, Italian Serie A winners since 2000-2022, Italian Serie A winners since 1929-1999

The Italian football champions are the annual winners of Serie A, Italy's premier football league competition. The title has been contested since 1898 in varying forms of competition. Internazionale are the current champions, while Juventus have won a record 36 titles. The first time the Scudetto (Italian: scudetto, "little shield", plural: scudetti) was used was in 1924 when Genoa won its 9th championship title and decided to add a little shield to their shirt as to reward and celebrate themselves as champions.

The finals of the first Italian Football Championship was decided in a single day with four teams competing, three from Turin and one from Genoa. The title was decided using a knock-out format between the finalists with Genoa, the inaugural winners. The knock-out format was used until the 1909–10 season, when a league consisting of nine teams was formed. The championship, which had been confined to a single league in the north of Italy, became a national competition in 1929 with the foundation of Serie A and Serie B. via Wikipedia

HONOURS LIST --- Past winner and number trophy

2021-22 Milan (19)Internazionale
2020–21Internazionale (19)Milan
2019–20 Juventus (36)Internazionale
2018–19Juventus (35)Napoli
2017–18 Juventus (34)Napoli
2016–17 Juventus (33)Roma
2015–16Juventus (32)Napoli
2014–15Juventus (31)Roma
2013–14 Juventus (30)Roma
2012–13 Juventus (29)Napoli
2011–12Juventus (28)Milan
2010–11Milan (18)Internazionale
2009–10Internazionale (18)*Roma
2008–09Internazionale (17)Juventus
2007–08 Internazionale (16)Roma
2006–07 Internazionale (15)Roma
2005–06Internazionale (14)Roma
2004–05Not awardedMilan
2003–04Milan (17)Roma
2002–03Juventus (27)Internazionale
2001–02Juventus (26)Roma
2000–01Roma (3)Juventus
1999–2000Lazio (2)Juventus
1998–99Milan (16)Lazio
1997–98Juventus (25)Internazionale
1996–97Juventus (24)Parma
1995–96Milan (15)Juventus
1994–95 Juventus (23)Lazio
1993–94Milan (14)†Juventus
1992–93Milan (13)Internazionale
1991–92 Milan (12)Juventus
1990–91 Sampdoria (1)Milan
1989–90Napoli (2)Milan
1988–89Internazionale (13)Napoli
1987–88 Milan (11)Napoli
1986–87 Napoli (1)Juventus
1985–86Juventus (22)Roma
1984–85 Hellas Verona (1)Torino
1983–84Juventus (21)Roma
1982–83Roma (2)Juventus
1981–82Juventus (20)Fiorentina
1980–81 Juventus (19)Roma
1979–80 Internazionale (12)Juventus
1978–79 Milan (10)Perugia
1977–78 Juventus (18)Vicenza/Torino
1976–77 Juventus (17)Torino
1975–76Torino (7)Juventus
1974–75Juventus (16)Napoli
1973–74 Lazio (1)Juventus
1972–73 Juventus (15)Milan
1971–72Juventus (14)Milan/Torino
1970–71 Internazionale (11)Milan
1969–70Cagliari (1)Internazionale
1968–69 Fiorentina (2)Cagliari/Milan
1966–67 Juventus (13)Internazionale
1965–66 Internazionale (10)Bologna
1964–65Internazionale (9)Milan
1963–64 Bologna (7)Internazionale
1962–63Internazionale (8)Juventus
1961–62 Milan (8)Internazionale
1960–61 Juventus (12)Milan
1959–60 Juventus (11)Fiorentina
1958–59Milan (7)Fiorentina
1957–58Juventus (10)Fiorentina
1956–57 Milan (6)Fiorentina
1955–56 Fiorentina (1)Milan
1954–55Milan (5)Udinese
1953–54 Internazionale (7)Juventus
1952–53 Internazionale (6)Juventus
1951–52 Juventus (9)Milan
1950–51 Milan (4)Internazionale
1949–50 Juventus (8)Milan
1948–49 Torino (6)Internazionale
1947–48Torino (5)Juventus/Milan/Triestina
1946–47 Torino (4)Juventus
1945–46 Torino (3)Juventus
1944–45Cancelled due to Second World WarCanceled due to Second World War
1942–43Torino (2)Livorno
1941–42 Roma (1)Torino
1940–41 Bologna (6)Ambrosiana-Inter
1939–40 Ambrosiana-Inter (5)Bologna
1938–39Bologna (5)Torino
1937–38 Ambrosiana-Inter (4)Juventus
1936–37 Bologna (4)Lazio
1935–36 Bologna (3)Roma
1934–35 Juventus (7)Ambrosiana-Inter
1933–34Juventus (6)Ambrosiana-Inter
1932–33Juventus (5)Ambrosiana-Inter
1931–32 Juventus (4)Bologna
1930–31Juventus (3)Roma
1929–30 Ambrosiana-Inter (3)Genoa
1928–29 Bologna (2)Torino
1927–28 Torino (1)Genoa
1926–27 Not awardedBologna
1925–26 Juventus (2)Alba Trastevere
1924–25Bologna (1)Alba Trastevere
1923–24 Genoa (9)Savoia
1922–23 Genoa (8)Lazio
1921–22 (CCI) Pro Vercelli (7)Fortitudo Roma
1921–22 (FIGC) Novese (1)Sampierdarenese
1920–21Pro Vercelli (6)Pisa
1919–20 Internazionale (2)Livorno
1915–19 Postponed due to First World War
1914–15Genoa (7)
1913–14Casale (1)Lazio
1912–13Pro Vercelli (5)Lazio
1911–12Pro Vercelli (4)Venezia
1910–11Pro Vercelli (3)Vicenza
1909–10Internazionale (1)Pro Vercelli
1909 Pro Vercelli (2)US Milanese
1908Pro Vercelli (1) US Milanese
1907Milan (3)Torino
1906Milan (2)Juventus
1905Juventus (1)Genoa
1904 Genoa (6)Juventus
1903Genoa (5)Juventus
1902Genoa (4)Milan
1901GenoaMilan (1)
1900 Genoa (3)Torinese
1899Genoa (2)  Internazionale/Torino
1898Genoa (1)Internazionale/Torino


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