Barca Looking For Busquet's Replacement: 4 Possible Options Next Summer

Barca Looking For Busquet's Replacement: 4 Possible Options Next Summer

According to the reliable Gabriel Sans of Mundo Deportivo (5 stars), Barcelona are looking for a player that could replace Sergio Busquets. Assuming that the veteran is set to continue at the club for the 2022/23 season, the signature of such a profile could wait a year.

In 2023, Barca might be able to strike some good deals considering that some players would be running out of contract or entering the final year of their deals.

Here's a list of players that Barca might be able to get a good deal on (provided that they do not extend their contracts/join another club this summer).

Contract expiring in 2023

1. Jorginho - The Brazilian is a deep-lying playmaker and would suit Barca's style perfectly. Despite his lack of speed, he could also be useful defensively through his ability to read the game and anticipate the opponent's next move.

On the upside, we would be able to sign Jorginho for free. On the downside, he will be 31 years old by then. Definitely not a long-term option.

Contract expiring in 2024

2. Rodri - The 25-year-old is Busquets's replacement at the national team and that's because they have similar profiles. He is an undisputed starter for Pep Guardiola, which means that he would have no problem adapting at Camp Nou.

Unlike Sergio, Rodri is more of a goalscorer. He can score from outside the box and is also useful at set pieces thanks to his aerial capabilities.

3. Ruben Neves - Barca have been linked with the Portuguese multiple times already. But his price tag seems to be quite high. It might be worth waiting for a year so his expiring contract becomes a leverage for us to exploit.

Neves is a more defensive option than the other players on the list, but he can also hit the ball from the distance quite well.

4. Ismael Bennacer - The Algerian excels at moving the ball forward, both through his passes and his dribbles. He is also very active in pressing, something Xavi would value highly considering that he wants his team to recover the ball quickly.

The problem is that Bennacer has been playing in a system with two defensive midfielders in the past few seasons so he would have to adapt.


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