Barca To Take 'Severe Measures' Against Braithwaite If He Refuses To Leave

Barca To Take 'Severe Measures' Against Braithwaite If He Refuses To Leave


Barca To Take 'Severe Measures' Against Braithwaite If He Refuses To Leave

Barcelona have told Martin Braithwaite and his entourage that they will take 'severe measures' if the player doesn't leave the club this summer, according to Diario Sport.

Braithwaite is tied up to a long-term deal that only expires in 2024 – the club cannot just unilaterally break his contract... or is it possible?

Here is what could help Barca.

1. Terminating deal by mutual consent

If the player does not want to find himself a new club, the best - and the most diplomatic - way to solve the matter is to convince him that he should terminate the deal by mutual consent.

In this case, Barcelona would most probably have to pay the Dane a compensation fee given there are two more years left on his contract. When the club complete their two big financial operations, they should be able to offer this money to the 31-year-old.

This isn't really a 'severe measure', but Braithwaite clearly wouldn't like to leave Barca right now as he feels comfortable here.

2. Unilaterally cutting his wages

Barcelona could unilaterally reduce the player's wage, as per Mundo Deportivo citing Article 41 of the Workers' Statute.

"When there are economic, technical, organisational or productive reasons, the salary can be reduced through a substantial modification of the working conditions," it is noted in the legal document.

The player is usually notified 15 days before his salary gets decreased. This could force the footballer to search for a new club as soon as possible.

By the way, there is reported interest in Braithwaite from Valencia and Celta Vigo.

3. Stop playing him

The club could just send the forward to the stands – this is what they did to Ousmane Dembele before Xavi decided to play him again.

Braithwaite would possibly be alright with that as he plans to fulfill his contract no matter what. The lack of game practice, however, could significantly shorten his career.

4. Hire PR company to harm his image

This is not what any club in the world is recommended to do. It is absolutely shameful and disgraceful, yet we have experienced this when Josep Maria Bartomeu was in charge.

Publishing fake news about Braithwaite's poor attitude towards his contract fulfilment could help Barcelona break the contract for 'just cause'. However, the player would clearly not agree with this, and years of legal proceedings between the two parties may follow.

We hope the current board will not decide to try this out.


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